Baker Mayfield takes blame for Oklahoma Sooners' offensive struggles

NORMAN – Oklahoma Sooners head coach Bob Stoops doesn’t traditionally like to call out players by name for a bad play or throw a player under the bus, but the Sooners only have one quarterback.
He wasn’t the first person to say that Baker Mayfield could have made much better reads against Houston. Mayfield spoke just a few minutes before Stoops and called himself “greedy” for not taking the options within the offense.
“I’ve just got to be better,” Mayfield said. “I know what to expect of myself, and knowing how the team reacts to my play, it’s even more important. Just getting the ball out and keeping everybody on a positive note and keeping the attitude good and on the bright side is important for me, and ultimately, that’s getting the ball out of my hands, getting it into their hands and letting them make plays.”
Mayfield pointed to a few plays again Houston where he tried to make a big play down field instead of taking an open option underneath that would have kept the offense going. There was also a big third-down failure on an option play that could have gone for big yards in the second quarter.
Most of those bad plays came in the second half after a late, first-half field goal, a Kick-6 and back-to-back fumbles took away all of Oklahoma’s momentum and forced the Sooners out of their offensive comfort zone.
It seemed like Mayfield tried to narrow the 16-point deficit with one deep play.
“Something that takes a little longer to progress, and that’s not how the offense operates,” Stoops said. “We had guys in certain spots that would have been easier throws and would have helped us.”

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