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After years of work, on the longest day of the year, Mike Foley sent Chris Sharma’s Dreamcatcher (5.14d) on the Cacodemon Boulder in Squamish, British Columbia. Foley’s is the fifth-known ascent of the route.

“I knew it would happen someday. I definitely felt physically capable of doing it a long time ago. I knew I just needed to be patient and wait for the right moment,” Foley said in an interview with Squamish Climbing magazine.

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Three Mount Everest climbers were reported dead Sunday, with a fourth climber missing after getting separated from his guide.

Roland Yearwood, a 50-year-old Alabama doctor, was among those who died, Nepal tourism officials told The Washington Post. Yearwood had taken on the world’s highest mountain before, surviving a massive earthquake during his 2015 attempt to scale Everest, according to His wife, Amrita Yearwood, described her husband at the time as “adventurous” and someone who “doesn’t get freaked out.”

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A baby bald eagle was rescued Thursday in dramatic fashion as wildlife experts raced against the setting sun and an approaching storm after it got a leg stuck in a branch in its nest at the U.S. National Arboretum.

Known as DC4, the eaglet had gotten its leg “lodged in a Y-shaped stick” in part of the nest, according to wildlife experts from the American Eagle Foundation. The group helps to managea live camera feed of the eagle nest at the arboretum and because of the video, experts realized Thursday afternoon that something was wrong.

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Rome (CNN)Seven climbers fell to their deaths in two separate incidents in the Alps on Sunday, officials said.

Five of the climbers died in the Austrian Alps, Zell am See provincial government chief Martin Reichholf told CNN. Two others were killed as they climbed in a group roped together in the Italian Alps, according to an emergency center there.
Reichholf said there were indications that the climbers were German citizens, adding that details were still emerging.

Three Chilean climbers—Andres Bosch, 29, Armando Montero, 36, and Alejandro “Jimmy” Mora, 39—set out for the Karakoram Range in mid-June to explore some unclimbed peaks directly across the Godwin-Austen Glacier from Broad Peak. On their first trip to Pakistan, over a nine-day period, they made the first ascent of a 6270-meter peak, which they dubbed Mirchi (D+, IV, 45-70°, 1000m), after the Urdu word for “chili,” and Bosh and Mora then made the first ascent (TD+ M3, 50-90°, 1500m) of Praqpa Ri South (7046m).

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Cars droned past on the highway behind Gaby James as she lowered from an easy granite crack climb in Squamish, British Columbia—the exact kind of climb that sent her world into shambles six weeks before, when she’d fallen on lead, flipping upside down and smashing her head below her helmet.

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PARK COUNTY, Colo. — After seeing posts from other fellow climbers on 14ers.comabout a crying dog in the area of Mt. Lincoln and Mt. Bross, two climbers decided to take matters into their own hands and search for the missing dog themselves.

The two succeeded.

Trinity Smith posted to the 14ers Facebook page on Friday afternoon saying, “We got her!!!! After hours and hours of yelling and climbing Sean Nichols & I finally brought this sweet, scared, hungry girl down to safety. The poor baby was stuck up there for over a month. After coming back down with her, Chloe’s owners were patiently waiting to see if this was their dog that they had been missing for 6 weeks who had ran off with another neighborhood pup. They assumed after a month of searching that their 13 year old baby was gone forever. (This was the dog heard crying up on BROSS/Lincoln a couple days ago).”

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Four climbers had to call mountain rescue after getting so stoned they couldn’t get back down.

The group managed to successfully climb to the top of Scarfell Pike in the Lake District, which stands at an impressive 3,209ft.

However, it appears that they celebrated their successful ascent with a few spliffs and found themselves too ‘incapacitated’ to get back down so called the police to ask for help.

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In 1960 Chuck Pratt and Yvon Chouinard climbed a new route on Middle Cathedral, in Yosemite, and were forced by darkness to bivouac on a ledge.

“I had shorts and a T-shirt on,” Chouinard recalls. “He had long pants and a sweatshirt. We were both freezing. In the middle of the night Pratt says, ‘Chouinard, I know this is going to disgust you, but if we don’t embrace we’re going to die.’”

I originally heard a coconut-telephone version of that story from my friend Tom, who had a thematic variation of his own: of the time he persuaded a woman he liked to come climbing. The descent from their route was complex, he got lost, and they had to hunker down in the dark, both in shorts and T’s. She was so pissed and disgusted, he told me, that hugging for warmth was “out of the question.”


Despite uncommonly warm weather that shut down some of its most popular climbs, the Michigan Ice Fest drew thousands to the Upper Peninsula this month in an annual tradition that lures climbers from across the country.

The 2017 festival took place Feb. 15 through Feb. 19 at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Munising. View scenes from the event in the photos below.

The tradition began in the late 1980s with a couple of climbing enthusiasts who wanted to socialize and climb ice in an extraordinary location.


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