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Spencer Luckey wants each of his climbing structures to be like a really good Taylor Swift song, something that people can size up and appreciate immediately. “I am always trying to make stuff that will get the biggest audience,” he says.

For the last decade, Luckey has been at the helm of a family business, Luckey Climbers, that his father, Thomas Luckey, founded in 1985. His sculptures—multi-story mazes for scurrying children—are found around the world, from the playground of his former elementary school to museums, malls, even an IKEA in Moscow.

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KATHAMNDU: At least 449 climbers including 190 foreigners successfully scaled the world’s highest peak in the spring climbing season after a team of rope-fixing climbers opened a climbing route to the Mt Everest summit on May 15.

With the closure of the climbing season, the world’s highest mountain also recorded sixth deaths this spring, officials said.

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Lars Arneson called it “a good, long day in the mountains.” Unofficial records call it a good, short day in the mountains.

On a perfect Saturday earlier this month, Arneson and Peter Mamrol set a speed record for climbing the dozen peaks towering 5,000 feet or more in the front range of the Chugach Mountains.

The Anchorage men topped the 12 peaks that make up what’s known as the Chugach Front Linkup — the mountains that provide Anchorage with a spectacular east-side backdrop — in 18 hours and 10 minutes. They sliced four hours off the previous best of 22:10, set last year by Harlow Robinson and Matias Saari.


Women. Unequivocally, the gender that deals with the most crap. Voted for the first time less than 100 years ago, still making only up to 80 percent of their male counterparts’ salaries, still outnumbered in tech fields and positions of leadership, not allowed autonomy over their own reproductive rights in some states — yeah, they’re getting the short end of the stick (short end of the labia? Even our metaphors are male-skewed.)

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The total solar eclipse on Mon., Aug. 21, 2017 will be visible along a narrow strip of approximately 70 miles wide, spanning from Oregon to South Carolina.

The first industry company where employees can walk outside their office and take in the first total solar eclipse to sweep the U.S. coast-to-coast in 99 years is Slatercom of Salem, Ore. beginning at 9:18 a.m. PDT.

It couldn’t be a more fitting enjoyment for the company that specializes in LED tower obstruction lighting systems, some of them lamped in the eclipse’s 14-state corridor where the longest eclipse time is in Carbondale, Ill. for a period of 2 minutes and 40.2 seconds.

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Trek4Mandela climbers who are raising funds and awareness for Caring For Girls have successfully climbed Mount Kilimanjaro

Zulu, who lost her rally driver husband Gugu on 18 July 2016 while trying to summit the mountain, is raising awareness about the Caring For Girls initiative, which aims to improve access to sanitary towels.

South African rally driver Gugu lost his life at the age of 38 on Kilimanjaro. In June, Zulu opened up about going back to to the mountain to pay tribute to her husband.

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SALT LAKE CITY — A gunman opened fire Monday evening at climbers mid-route in The Wasatch Range’s Little Cottonwood Canyon. No injuries were reported, and law enforcement officials are curently investigating the incident.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune and other anonymous sources, the shooting occurred at roughly 6 p.m. Monday in the area more commonly known for world-class powder skiing at nearby Snowbird and Alta ski areas.

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This May, two climbers were found near death descending from the summit of Mt. Everest, eventually leading to a high stakes rescue. After becoming the fourth Pakistani climber to summit the world’s highest peak, Abdul Jabbar Bhatti and his guide Sange Sherpa were rescued by a group of Sherpas including Ang Tshering Lama, a highly experienced climber and owner of Ang’s Himalayan Adventures. The two distressed climbers were passed by several other groups on their way to summit, who left supplemental oxygen canisters, but deemed them fit enough to return to camp without help. A second group, which included Lama, found the two in a similar spot and gave them more oxygen, as well as covering their now severely frostbitten hands.

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Two Alberta climbers paralyzed this summer in separate climbing accidents in B.C. are getting a chance to walk again — for science.

Josh Pelland, from Calgary, was injured in a fall near Squamish in June. Ryan Titchener, from Jasper, was injured in July in Bugaboo Provincial Park.

Both men have been selected as two of 10 participants to use an exoskeleton in a research study at the Foothills Medical Centre.

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Sherpas in Nepal have evolved to become superhuman mountain climbers, extremely efficient at producing the energy to power their bodies even when oxygen is scarce, according to new research by experts at the University of Cambridge.

Their study on the metabolic differences between Sherpas and lowlanders was based on an expedition to the Everest base camp, and has been published in the Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences.

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