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Fencers from China, Russia, USA, Uzbekistan, Iraq, and Hong Kong recently participated in the Absolute International Summer Fencing Camp in Wuxi, China for two weeks. The fencers had individual, group, and competition training with a variety of international coaches and athletes in three weapons. This camp was followed by the third-annual Absolute International Collegiate Fencing Elite Competition, featuring 158 fencers from 32 universities in the USA, China, Korea, and Japan. World-renowned schools such as Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Columbia, and Brown all sent fencers to participate.

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It is with sympathy and sadness that we report the passing of Tudor Andrei Petrus of Romania, one of the country’s foremost foil coaches. Born on October 2, 1949, in Cluj Napoca, Coach Petrus graduated from the ANEFS in Bucharest after studying under Jacques Istrate and Vasilie Chelaru. He then joined the CSA Steaua Bucharest sports club, winning the Fencing Europe Cup in 1978. He participated in the Montreal Olympics, ranking 45th in individual and 9th in team; he then took part in the 1980 Moscow Olympics, ranking 35th individually and 5th in the team event.

Coach Petrus retired as an athlete and became the CSA Steaua women’s Olympic coach, and then later took the head coach position. Under his leadership, the Romanian team was double World Champion in 1994 and 1995, and foilist Laura Badea took gold at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

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LAUSANNE, Switzerland, September 11, 2017—Around the globe, it was a day to celebrate the sport of fencing. World Fencing Day, on Saturday, September 9, featured a theme of Solidarity and brought Olympians together with those holding a sword for the first time, fencing clubs took to the streets to demonstrate dueling for wide-eyed children, and aspiring young fencers shared hopes and dreams with masters of the piste. The Solidarity theme gives a common purpose to everyone celebrating fencing, and strives to make it available to anyone, anywhere.

Reports have been streaming in to the International Fencing Federation (FIE) of World Fencing Day activities taking place in the farthest corners of the planet. Here are just a few samples of what’s been happening:

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SAN FRANCISCO – Constant jumping, acceleration and deceleration can be harmful to the patellar region over time. For athletes who jump and land repeatedly, such as basketball and volleyball players, overuse commonly results in patellar tendinopathy. The condition is more commonly referred to as jumper’s knee, an injury to the patellar tendon, the cord-like tissue connecting the kneecap to the shin bone.

A study presented at the American College of Sports Medicine’s 59th Annual Meeting evaluated the effectiveness of infrapatellar straps or knee bands on this injury of the patellar tendon. Few studies have been conducted to confirm the effectiveness of knee bands despite widespread adoption by recreational, amateur and professional athletes engaged in basketball, volleyball and track & field.


INDIANAPOLIS – As another school year is under way and practices for fall sports begin, young athletes – and not just football players – are challenged by the hot weather and face significant exertional heat illness and injury risks, say experts from the American College of Sports Medicine.

Education, planning and preparation, acclimatization, modification, and close monitoring are all keys to keeping exertional heat illnesses and injuries at bay – proven effective prevention strategies that coaches supervising practices often don’t implement, says Michael F. Bergeron, Ph.D., an ACSM Fellow and one of the nation’s most highly regarded experts on heat stress in youth sports.


In my college fencing program, we used a lot of plyometric exercises in our pre-season workouts.  Our fall semester workouts would follow a pattern of a good bit of aerobic and interval training for conditioning, with the plyometric exercises mixed in.  (The calls by Coach Miller to head to the racquetball room were generally met with groans for what we knew was to come.)

Those jumping drills were done to help our explosiveness and seemed to help with the muscle-specific endurance to be able to explode into a lunge at the end of the last DE of the last bout of the day.  They are mentioned also in Lorenzo’s article about Weight Training for the Competitive Fencer.

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“The core”

Nowadays, “strengthening the core” has become a very popular concept among various populations ranging from elite athletes to chronic pain patients. the concept at heart is a good one-the idea that having a stable base to operate from makes one a more efficient mover. However, there are quite a few popular misconceptions present, particularly in athletes, regarding what having a stable core really means.


My sons were all taking turns at a video game. My oldest was playing his turn and was behind by two scores with the clock winding down. His younger brother commented (a couple of times) “you’re going to lose”. It wasn’t said in that sarcastic sing-song “nyah nyah” voice that kids sometimes use – it was matter-of-factly stated.

I immediately shuttled him into another room and took him to task.

In pushing forward the opinion that his brother was going to lose and that the loss was already etched in stone, he did a huge disservice. There were two wrongs here: The first was needling his brother. As brothers, they are a competitive bunch and they will find the chinks in each others armor and exploit that. The second was worse in my opinion: he was putting forward the idea that it was okay to just give up.


(Colorado Springs, Colo.) – The International Paralympic Committee has announced that women’s saber will be contested at the Paralympic Games for the first time in history at the 2020 Tokyo Games.

The news includes both Category A and B events and means that an equal number of men’s and women’s wheelchair fencing events will be held for the first time in the history of the Games.

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Romania celebrated its first gold medal of the Rio Olympics in any sport as their women fencers beat top-ranked China 44-38 in the final of the team epee competition.

Their winning quartet of Ana Maria Popescu, Simona Pop, Simona Gherman and Loredana Dinu brought their nation a first medal in the event, which pits the top three or four fencers from each country against each other in a first-to-45 battle, or until the time runs out.

It was also Romania’s second Olympic title in women’s fencing after a gold medal in the women’s individual foil event in 1996.

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