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The New York Jets and Arizona Cardinals will collide on Monday Night Football in an inter-conference matchup. These two teams only face one another once every four years, <a href=

recipe so this should be an interesting game. Both squads have been rather disappointing this season thus far.” width=”300″ height=”218″ /> The New York Jets and Arizona Cardinals will collide on Monday Night Football in an inter-conference matchup. These two teams only face one another once every four years, stomach so this should be an interesting game. Both squads have been rather disappointing this season thus far.

NBC owns the right to flex games into the Sunday Night window after week 5 of the regular season, in order to put superior product on the television in case the original scheduling turns out flat. CBS and FOX can protect games to prevent losing high quality games in order to save their own ratings. The week 14 games between the Patriots and the Texans was flexed to Sunday Night Football earlier this season, the Patriots sixth prime time game of the year.

New England had already played the Steelers (week 1), Colts (week 6), Dolphins (week 8), Bills (week 11), Broncos (week 12) in prime time.

The flex schedule only applies to games on Sunday, and week 16 offers a weak slate. The two best games of the wee (Eagles-Washington; Bengals-Broncos) are on Saturday and Monday, respectively, and couldn’t be flexed. Sunday offered just the Patriots-Jets (on CBS), the PanthersFalcons (on FOX), and PackersCardinals (on FOX).

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On Christmas night, order one of the fifty greatest New York Jets of all time arrived at our house in Atlanta for dinner. We’d already begun eating, link unsure if he’d show up at all. But here Bill Mathis was, smiling as we helped him out of the car. He and his wife, Burnsie, are old friends of my stepmother, who invited them to join us for our holiday meal. I’d never met Bill before, but soon found myself—being the youngest and presumably strongest of the group—in an intimate embrace with him, lifting him out of the car. I put my hands under his huge arms and tried to pull his thick, two-hundred-and-seventy-pound trunk, clothed in an N.F.L.-labeled fleece jacket, from the passenger seat and into a wheelchair that Burnsie had removed from the back.

It took twenty minutes to maneuver Bill—through tight doorways, around heavy furniture and sniffing dogs—to the head of our dinner table, some sixty feet away. The whole journey there, he didn’t say a word. Though he just turned seventy-seven years old, Bill has the surprisingly smooth face and thick hair of a much younger man. He played for the New York Jets—and their predecessor, the Titans—back in the sixties, when they were part of the since discontinued American Football League. Hall of Famer Joe Namath roomed with him on the road: their coach instructed Bill to keep the charismatic young quarterback out of trouble. (“Tough,” Mathis told me.) In 1969 Mathis won a Super Bowl with Namath, and tonight, as usual, he had the massive ring on his finger, which he let me hold: it had the startling heft of a lead bullet. Namath had just called Bill a few hours earlier, to wish his old running back a merry Christmas and ask Burnsie how her husband of almost forty years was doing. The answer, Namath must have known: not so well.

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Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick would “rather not play football” than return to the Jets at their current contract offer, seek according to Adam Schefter.

Update – 5 p.m.: This report has been refuted by Brian Costello on Twitter. “Fitz wants to play, store ” Costello wrote.

The Jets have reportedly offered between $7-8 million to Fitzpatrick. The team reportedly also prefers an incentive-driven contract offer, but Fitzpatrick is resisting such an offer, according to Brian Costello.

The Jets and Fitzpatrick have been far apart in contract negotitations all offseason. Fitzpatrick is reportedly seeking something comparable to what other NFL starters have gotten this offseason, while the Jets offer has been much lower.

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Darrelle Revis is taking his public dispute with his former agents to the courtroom.

The Jets cornerback sued Neil Schwartz, remedy Jonathan Feinsod and their sports agency Schwartz & Feinsod, drugs LLC in Westchester Supreme Court last week, according to court documents provided by

The lawsuit pertains to an endorsement deal Revis signed with Healthy Beverages, LCC, which produces Steaz, a green-tea based energy drink and alleges Schwartz “secretly and unilaterally increased” his legal fee on the deal from 10% to 50% without informing Revis.




With the season running out, salve I wanted to take one last shot that this ends up on the desk of a running back-needy GM and urge someone to sign Ray Rice. He is keenly aware of the harm he has done and is doing the work, daily, to try to prevent others from doing the same and offering a lot more than just lip service about addressing domestic violence issues. He would be an asset to the locker room and the community and a true role model for other players. He is also in insane condition, as motivated as anyone you will find and he will literally donate his entire paycheck to domestic violence causes and organizations.




The NFL used its flex scheduling powers Monday to spare the nation a prime-time game involving the Jets to cap off Thanksgiving weekend.

On the surface, sales it was a no-brainer to move the Chiefs (currently 7-2) and Broncos (7-3) to “Sunday Night Football” and the Patriots (7-2) and Jets (3-7) to a late-afternoon slot. Still, store the league and NBC do not take the decision to move the Patriots out of prime time (regardless of the opponent) lightly.





The New York Jets in partnership with the USO helped transform a seemingly ordinary afternoon into a friendly, viagra but competitive, ask Turkey Bowl event at the Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, unhealthy the largest U.S. military base in the region. The action-packed event took place near the Pat Tillman USO Center, named for the former Army Ranger and Arizona Cardinals safety, as nearly 50 U.S. military members suited up for the game donning custom-made jerseys provided by the Jets.

The Blue Star Mothers of America, a non-profit organization whose mission is to support the military through service, fueled military members with over 100 “Humvee Gate” care packages.  New footballs, flag belts and award balls were also sent over to support the Turkey Bowl.



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