As they do before each game, symptoms the Moeller lacrosse team prays at the statue of Mary in the courtyard.
(Photo: Provided/Donna Rice, ESP Media)

KENWOOD – Grant Mays was not able to attend the Centerville High School scholar-athlete banquet Sunday. Considering the events of Saturday, the Elks lacrosse captain was fortunate to even make it to Sunday.

The senior midfielder appeared to make a gutsy play shortly after halftime of a game at Moeller, where the Elks trailed the Crusaders, 8-2. A Crusader shot on goal hit Mays on the left side of his chest, below his heart. On instinct, he picked up the ground ball and started running down field.

Then, he collapsed. Immediately, the referee stopped play.

“We knew something was pretty serious right away,” Moeller coach Sean McGinnis said. “They stopped the game and got the medical personnel out there. Then, it took a turn for the worse as his rhythm was off.”

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