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As the Nebraska football program finds itself in a spiral not seen in decades, cialis Mike Riley’s popularity is understandably not very high among Husker Nation. Many fans have called for his immediate firing, but letting him go after one year would be the metaphorical equivalent of dropping a nuclear bomb on the program.

The fallout would taint Lincoln to the point of any desirable coach staying many a comfortable mile away from the city for years.

I bring good news to fans who find themselves punching walls as their hairlines recede: you are the key to Nebraska’s resurgence. Yes if you, my dear reader, are a Husker fan and want to see an uptick in performance, you hold the power.

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A hearing-impaired high school football player has gotten the attention of the University of Nebraska.

Todd Honas has about 80 percent hearing loss and depends on hearing aids to function in everyday life, but that hasn’t stopped his prowess on the football field.

The wide receiver from Aurora, Nebraska will walk-on with The Nebraska Cornhuskers for the 2016 season.

“Todd is very astute at looking at body language or hand signals,” Aurora High School coach Kyle Peterson told ABC News affiliate KLKN-TV in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Just how competitive is Honas? KLKN reports that he earned Class B All-State honors for his final two seasons with his high school team, and he currently holds the Class B record for career receiving yards – 2,353 – and single-season receiving yards – 1,180.

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