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The Coosa FD not only provides a hands-free propulsion system, the proven hull design is updated and includes a host of features.

The Coosa FD, based on the top-selling Coosa HD hull and deck layout, adds a long-awaited pedal-powered Flex Drive system (patent pending) that allows for hands-free propulsion.

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The Merriam-Webster definition of “pinch” is to squeeze between your thumb and finger often in a painful way. In the manner I’m using the word, the pinch is tidal water squeezing through a “finger” of land and an opposing “thumb” like peninsula. It happens on large scales in bays as well as in smaller waters like tidal creeks. Wherever it happens, tidal flow accelerates, creating an ideal feeding opportunity for predatory fish such as striped bass.

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By Jeff Little

My Instagram feed tells the same story I live out each Saturday: shots of fish in the net, arm’s length selfies with vertically held fish, grip n grins and release shots. As vivid and beautiful these memories are to each of us, somehow they aren’t the moments in time that we recall the most. Somehow that split second of a huge airborne bass gets more highlight reel play time in our brains. You know – the one that rattled it’s gills and tossed your jerkbait aside like it was a used tissue. Yep. That one. The one you really wish that you got to hang on your Boca Grip to see exactly how heavy it was, but didn’t.

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All it takes to cash a check in a kayak tournament is to head out in your rig and do what you always do — have fun and catch fish! Photo Robert Field

By Robert Field

The competitive kayak fishing scene has exploded in recent years, and with paydays beginning to reach six figures, that trend will only continue. That means many of you reading this are either already fishing tournaments or looking to start competition kayaking and are ready to score kayak cash!

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(Colorado Springs, Colo.) – Patrick Webster (Clinton Township, Mich.) was elected by his fellow referees to be the candidate put forth to the USA Fencing Board of Directors as the Vice Chair of the Development Committee for the Referees’ Commission.

In an election that began on Aug. 1 and concluded on Aug. 10, Webster defeated Sean Shumate (Louisville, Ky.) by 151-83 votes.

A total of 234 referees voted in the election that saw Webster earn 64.53% of the votes.

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Korea’s men and Italy’s women’s fencing teams struck gold as the first medals in the team events were decided at the 2017 FIE World Fencing Championships in Leipzig, Germany.

Korea secured the men’s team sabre event whilst Italy won the women’s team foil competition as nearly 30 men’s and 14 women’s teams from around the world participated in pursuit of gold medals and the respective world titles.

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The French and Italian fencing teams were gold medal winners on an exciting night of action at the 2017 FIE World Fencing Championships in Leipzig, Germany.

France produced a great comeback to win the men’s team epee event, whilst Italy claimed a historic success in the women’s team sabre event.

In the men’s team epee event, the French men’s team came from behind to stun their opponents Switzerland in the Final.

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A federal judge in Texas ruled Friday that Baylor University must release underlying documents in its investigation into the school’s handling of sexual violence that led to the ouster of president Ken Starr and firing of head football coach Art Briles last year.

The ruling came in a Title IX gender equity lawsuit filed against the school on behalf of 10 women who attended Baylor and claimed that school officials failed to properly respond to and investigate their reports of assault.

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By Jerry Hill
Baylor Bear Foundation

Having spent the first 40 years of his life in the northeast corner of the country — and specifically Boston, Philadelphia and New York City — the move to Waco, Texas, could have been a huge culture and temperature shock for Baylor linebackers coach Mike Siravo.

But, there was not even a second of hesitation.

“This is Texas,” he said. “I’ve watched Baylor the last decade and just been in awe of what they’ve done. It’s a Christian school, great alumni, great facilities. So, there was no hesitation at all. I mean, do I miss the pizza in Connecticut? Yeah, maybe I do.”

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Ottawa, Ontario — Softball Canada announced the list of athletes who have been selected to represent Canada this summer as members of the Women’s National Team and Women’s Elite Team. The final rosters were determined following a Selection Camp held in Mississauga, Ont. over the past week.

“The Selection Camp was excellent; it was very competitive the coaching staff witnessed some strong performances” stated Mark Smith, High Performance Director and Head Coach of the Women’s National Team program. “We were very pleased to see younger players rise to the occasion and challenge for positions on our roster.”

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