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It’s a rivalry that continues to grow, drug continues to become more intense with each game. And with so much on the line this week, the Steelers-Bengals game in Cincinnati is something everyone is talk about.

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

December football. The time of year when teams take their game to the next level because the playoffs are often on the line. Count the Steelers as a team doing just that.

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Keith Butler and Todd Haley look back at the Seahawks and ahead to the Colts.

Offensive Coordinator Todd Haley 

Re: Jesse James:
He’s doing a very good job. Like most young guys, illness there is an acclimation period. He was too heavy when he got here. He got himself in really good shape now. He is running faster. He has much better stamina. He is hanging around two of the couple best teachers from a player standpoint in Heath Miller and Matt Spaeth, price so if you just pay attention to what they are doing, viagra 100mg you have a chance. Coach Daniel does a great job. He waited until his turn. He was patient, but he kept working. When he got his opportunity, he stepped in and done a good job.




With five games left on the schedule, mind there is no time to waste in the playoff push.


In the hunt:
A week ago the Steelers didn’t have to look over their shoulder. They were in control of where they stood in the playoff race as the number five seed and the top wild card team. Simply keep winning and they would be all set.

But a 39-30 loss to the Seattle Seahawks changed that. The playoff picture now has the Steelers as the number eight seed, no rx and leaving them in need of help from others, viagra 40mg as well as themselves.

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Everyone who follows the Steelers, vcialis 40mg from fans to media and everyone in between, physician is talking about the playoff potential for the black and gold. As of right now they hold the first wild card spot, and that is what much of the focus has been on.

Inside the locker room, though, things are different. This is a team that wants more. They want to make the playoffs, and will get in there any way they can, but their goals are higher.

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Linebacker Arthur Moats:
“He is a good sized target. He has great hands, order really good run after catch. Alex Smith is using him in that offense. He is a complement to what he does. You have to disrupt him early on and not let him get into a groove. With a guy that size, recipe when he is out there running around he is definitely going to create some mismatches. You have to disrupt him early and just try to get him with that.”

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Brown knows that Vick wants to get the ball to him. It’s just a matter of it happening.

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