Many students stop playing sports once they come to college, but for one student, quitting volleyball was never an option.

Jenny Berrong, marketing junior, started playing volleyball in middle school and loved the sport ever since. However, coming to college, she knew her sole focus was on her education.

“College volleyball is a huge commitment,” Berrong said. “I knew that I wanted to graduate a semester early, so my degree was my priority.”

Even having a sole commitment to her education could not stop Berrong’s love for the sport, so she joined the club volleyball team in the fall of 2016.

Berrong found her place on the team and said club volleyball is a happy medium between intermural and the athletics team.

“We are extremely competitive and play big schools such as UT, Baylor, A&M and other big schools, but without the same level of dedication,” Berrong said. “You have time for your classes and time for a social life while being able to play competitively.”



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