NEW ORLEANS — The outcry, the passion, the anger, the sadness and the frustration over gun violence in New Orleans has been as loud as ever in the wake of former New Orleans Saints defensive end Will Smith‘s shooting death late Saturday night.

But nothing has changed for Saints cornerback and New Orleans West Bank native Keenan Lewis, who has been spreading that same message for years.

Lewis told ESPN.com that his desire to help his hometown community was one of the reasons why he came back to New Orleans as a free agent in 2013. And it has been a mission of his charitable foundation to show youth they can take a different path.

Lewis said he intends to hold a pop-up camp at a local park this weekend, even if he has to just pull kids off the street. He later challenged others to join him on Instagram.

“It’s not my message because of what happened this weekend,” said Lewis, whose brother-in-law was shot and killed in New Orleans in December, along with his brother-in-law’s pregnant girlfriend.

“You’re taking these people’s lives. Nobody wins from that. For example, the Will Smith situation. Nobody won. Every week, I’m losing a close friend or family or hearing about someone being gunned down. Man, we need these people to make our community better.”

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