LOCKHARTVILLE, N.S. – For Megan Conroy, volleyball is much more than a sport: it’s her life.

Her first tattoo was a volleyball emblazoned on her foot forever – that’s a commitment. She’s played the game for as long as she can remember, and now, she’s helping implement the sport across Nova Scotia.

Conroy fills the role of technical director with Volleyball Nova Scotia. Her mandate will be to foster the growth and development of beach and indoor volleyball, with a focus on coach development – a task that shouldn’t be too hard, as she’s spent years coaching teams at almost every level.

“Without coaches, it’s really tough for our sport to exist,” Conroy said. “One hundred per cent of our coaches through Volleyball Nova Scotia are volunteers, so without the coaches, our athletes can’t develop and we can’t run our programs.”

Conroy said coaches are often former players who finished their playing career and want to stay involved in the sport.

“Coaches are essentially the nucleus of volleyball in our province,” she said.

Conroy said developing new and existing coaches could involve connecting them with mentor coaches in their area, improving their skills through coaching clinics, and other initiatives.



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