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No matter how you look at it, the Cardinals’ running back is worth a lot

Cardinals running back David Johnson is hoping to gain 1,000 yards rushing and a 1,000 yards receiving.
Just what is a David Johnson worth?

He’s worthy of being the centerpiece of an offense, as a threat to gain both 1,000 yards rushing and a 1,000 yards receiving and capable of getting 30 touches a game. He’s valuable to a team’s offensive efficiency, creating matchup problems and three-down availability with his dual abilities as both runner and pass catcher. He’s priceless to a fan base which loves a modest superstar.

His value on a contract … well, that’s soon to be seen.

“The scary thing about David Johnson is that he has three assets that not many people have,” General Manager Steve Keim said. “Number one, he’s got a rare work ethic. Two, he’s got freakish genetics and rarely do you find a guy with freakish genetics and rare work ethic. Usually, they have to work hard just to compete on the NFL level.

“And then the number one asset he’s got that I think will make him continue to get better as a pro, is humility. But even with all the attention and being in the limelight, he’s still able to evaluate and be critical of himself.”

Johnson, who will turn 26 in December, isn’t sure (or at least, isn’t saying) exactly what he’s worth, monetarily or otherwise. As usual, he downplays what he has done.

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Things look a little different on Joel Weber’s property this time of year.

His Dorchester farm, located a little more than a half-hour drive from Memorial Stadium, currently has a 1,398-foot-wide corn art installation cut into it in the shape of a football. It reads “U.S. Cellular Husker Fantasy Camp,” with a 170-foot-tall Nebraska “N” and a number of line patterns. The football is remarkably well-manicured — it even includes laces.

Weber was born in Friend, Nebraska, and grew up on the farm he currently oversees.

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