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They say their infant was rushed to the hospital after a pole came crashing down and hit the baby’s head.

Three-month-old Julian Trujillo spent five hours in the hospital on Sunday, according to his father, Richard Trujillo. Trujillo said it was before kick-off, a metal pole that was being torn down in a kids area came crashing down.

“It ended up falling as I was walking and hitting him on the side of the head,” Richard Trujillo said.

What’s worse, he said there was no urgency from the staff in getting them help.

“He (staffer) walked us into the stadium and his concern was scanning our tickets first,” Trujillo said.

Monique Trujillo, the baby’s mother said he was screaming and crying at this point.

Nearly an hour later, Richard Trujillo says the baby was taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital by ambulance.

“They (stadium) also told us it would not be covered and this would be on our hands and we’d have to cover it, but it was not our fault,” Trujillo said.

Trujillo said the hospital staff told them the baby may have a concussion, but it’s hard to know in a child this young.

Trujillo says he talked to the head of stadium operations today and he offered to pay for the medical expenses. They’re hoping the flight from Albuquerque, tickets to the game and hotel costs will also be taken care of.

Cardinals spokesperson Mark Dalton sent us this statement on behalf of the team:

We are obviously very concerned and feel terrible what happened to the Trujillo family during their visit to University of Phoenix Stadium. We are in the process of gathering the reports and other information from the individuals involved to understand exactly what took place. We communicated with the family both Sunday and today to again express our concern and to let us know of any medical expenses as well as others incurred from missing the game so that we can reimburse them.

“To get him to his first game was a big thing. We were hoping to remember this for all the right reasons, not all the wrong reasons,” Richard Trujillo said.

The Cardinals are clearly hamstrung on offense, and it’s showing up in the numbers.

Coach Bruce Arians loves to throw the ball deep, but with injuries to key linemen D.J. HumphriesMike Iupati and Alex Boone as well as speedsters John Brown and J.J. Nelson, it’s just not possible.

Instead, the Cardinals as presently constructed are much more of an underneath team.

In the past, Palmer did seven-step drops with regularity, but this season, his dropback depth of 7.1 yards is the second-lowest in the NFL, half a yard shorter than league average, per Pro Football Focus. There’s no other option at this point, since he’s been pressured an NFL-high 75 times, per PFF, and has been sacked six times in each of the past two games.

Palmer knew he had to get the ball out quick on Sunday against the 49ers, and found his running backs with regularity. Andre Ellington led the team with a whopping 14 targets, catching nine of the passes for 86 yards. Even run-first backs Chris Johnson(three catches, 31 yards) and Kerwynn Williams (one catch for 10 yards) got involved in the passing game.

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Wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald #11 of the Arizona Cardinals reacts after scoring the game-winning touchdown over cornerback Rashard Robinson #33 and cornerback Jimmie Ward #25 of the San Francisco 49ers during the NFL game at the University of Phoenix Stadium on October 1, 2017 in Glendale, Arizona. Arizona won 18-15.  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald (11) reacts after catching the game-winning touchdown over Rashard Robinson (33) and Jimmie Ward (25) of the 49ers on Sunday.


SANTA CLARA — What had been a respectable showing for the 49ers’ pass defense — or at least an improvement over its last outing — all went up in smoke once Carson Palmer had the ball in his hands with 2:24 to go in overtime.

Some miscommunication in the 49ers’ secondary opened the door just enough for the Arizona Cardinals quarterback to find Larry Fitzgerald open for a 19-yard touchdown with 32 seconds left in overtime, handing San Francisco a gut-wrenching 18-15 loss Sunday.Prior to the touchdown, Palmer completed 5 of 7 passes for 58 yards on the decisive drive, taking advantage of the 49ers’ zone defense on the first two plays then finding a soft spot in coverage on the game-winning throw.

Up until overtime, the 49ers had held Palmer to a reasonable 240 passing yards, and sacked him six times.

That would have represented a vast improvement over the 292 yards they allowed to Jared Goff and the Los Angeles Rams 10 days prior. Goff was not sacked and threw for three touchdowns Sept. 21 at Levi’s Stadium. The 49ers have now allowed 961 passing yards this season, ninth most in the NFL.

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Palmer began the drive with a pair of 11-yard completions to Andre Ellington, quickly moving the ball to the Arizona 47 with 1:54 to go in the extra session.

“When you play zone with a four-man rush, you drop and they checked it down to the back right away,” 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan said Monday. “We want those to be five-yard gains. We’ve got to break to the ball a little bit faster, make better tackles in that situation.”

Just before the touchdown, the only one of the game, NaVorro Bowman picked up a shoe that had come off Ellington’s foot. He flung it out of the way, returned, then got the call from the 49ers sideline as to what defense to run for the next down.

The sequence of events might have been just enough to throw off the 49ers for the game-deciding play.

“Things are going fast, you’re trying to get the communication in for the calls, you get it to NaVorro, he relays it to the D-Linemen, the secondary,” Shanahan said. “(Arizona) got up there, they got set fast, and there was just a little hesitation in our secondary.

“We ended up getting to the right spots, but we were a foot behind, and when you do that versus a good quarterback and especially (Fitzgerald) going down the seam, they made us pay.”

Bowman was emphatic after the game that officials should have blown the whistle to make sure the shoe was not in anybody’s way.

Shanahan said, “We ended up being on our assignments. We were a little off our landmarks.”

Fitzgerald ran past nickel back K’Wuan Williams and had inside position on Rashard Robinson, giving Palmer a sizable target for the throw. The 49ers had three safeties in the game with four linebackers.

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  • 49ers GM John Lynch mentioned last night that their medical staff did extensive checks on LB Reuben Foster and his shoulder injury, and they do not believe he’ll require any additional procedures. (Steve Wyche)
  • According to Matt Miller, South Alabama TE Gerald Everett has been connected to the 49ers throughout the draft process.

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While there doesn’t seem to be much of a chance Myles Garrett doesn’t end up as the number one pick of the 2017 NFL Draft, which means signing with the Cleveland Browns, teams a little lower down the pecking order are still trying to get a look at the former Texas A&M defensive end like the Chicago Bears and San Francisco 49ers.

The Browns have the first overall pick, which is likely t be used on Garrett, although you can list just about every position on the field as something the Browns need to fill. He’s being compared to DeMarcus Ware, which says a lot. Scouts are impressed with his explosiveness off the line and ability to beat tackles in a variety of ways. Yes, he isn’t perfect against the run, but after three years in College Station that included two All-American selections, his weaknesses are easy to ignore, not to mention fixable.

The Browns are testing other players as well, including quarterbacks, so just in case Garrett somehow slips down the draft order, the Bears and Niners want to be sure he’s worth such a high pick. John Lynch, the Niners new general manager said that Garrett checks all of the boxes after seeing him during pro day. Remember how good Joey Bosa was for the Chargers once he finally signed his contract? People have higher hopes for Garrett.

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San Francisco 49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan has made it pretty clear that he wants someone for a long-term plan. Kirk Cousins is a perfect fit for that vision. In addition, Garcon is a favorite target of Cousins, so if he had to leave, he would probably go with the guy that gets him the ball right?  While there is a plethora of speculation surrounding the Redskins’ free agents, this by far is the most interesting of predictions.

The 49ers could mess around and become a better version of the Washington Redskins out West, and that would be painful to watch.  To add more fuel to this flame, even thinks Garcon is a good match:

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The first year of coach Chip Kelly’s tenure has not gone according to plan after San Francisco fired two coaches the previous two seasons. Kelly’s team set a franchise record with 13 consecutive losses and will have one of the top picks of the NFL draft.



Say it with me now, “Chip Kelly is not going back to coach at Oregon!”

Say it with me now, “Chip Kelly is not going back to coach at Oregon!”

Despite an opening at the university following the firing of Mark Helfrich on Tuesday, the 49ers coach is beginning to sound like a broken record with the number of times he has to shoot down returning to college football.

“I love everybody associated with the university. They were fantastic,” Kelly told reporters Wednesday. “If I can help them, I can help them. My thoughts are with Helf right now.”
The Niners suffered a franchise-record 10th straight loss Sunday to the Dolphins, dropping Kelly’s record to 27-31 in just over 3 1/2 NFL seasons. Despite coaching a talent-depleted team, Kelly maintains he is sticking with San Francisco through this challenging season and beyond.

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ORLANDO, Fla. — Long before the head-coaching job at Oregon became available, San Francisco 49ers coach Chip Kelly said he had no plans to leave his current position. Now that the Ducks have fired coach Mark Helfrich and officially have an opening, nothing has changed.

On Wednesday, Kelly was asked again whether he planned to stay with the Niners. He repeatedly nodded in the affirmative before providing a response.

“Yep,” Kelly said. “So we’re all done with that, I hope.”

Asked if there’s any chance he will return to Oregon, Kelly shook his head and said, “No.”

Kelly said he called Helfrich, his close friend, on Wednesday morning to offer support.

“I have not talked to anybody at Oregon except for Mark Helfrich,” Kelly said.

Oregon announced Tuesday night that it was parting ways with Helfrich after four seasons at the helm. Helfrich served previously as Kelly’s offensive coordinator before being promoted to head coach when Kelly departed for the Philadelphia Eagles.

“I just felt bad for Mark,” Kelly said. “I love him like a brother. He’s a tremendous person. He’s a hell of a football coach, but he’s an even better person. I just felt for him and the rest of the guys on that staff.

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The San Francisco 49ers

I’m not a huge fan of site decorum, no rx so I’m going to go ahead and simply say it: this season for the San Francisco 49ers sucked. It blew. It was like stepping on a rake every Sunday for seventeen weeks, with all but six (lest you forget, the 49ers didn’t lose the bye!) resulting in a throbbing head and a bruised ego.

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