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Packers’ veteran offensive lineman earns respect and appreciation from coaches, teammates

GREEN BAY – For years it was often heard that if any player knew the Packers’ offensive playbook as well as quarterback Aaron Rodgers, it was probably fullback John Kuhn.

But now that Kuhn has been gone for more than a year, who’s next? Does anyone’s familiarity come close?

Strange as it may sound, Don Barclay could be the answer.

The veteran offensive lineman has at least practiced – if not played in a game – at every position up front during his six years with the Packers. And as he appears to be settling into his primary role as backup center for 2017, his playbook knowledge is only growing.

“It lets you control the bus,” Barclay said this spring about learning the offense from the center’s perspective. “You have to control what’s going on out there and make the calls.

“Not only that but it lets you focus in on the whole playbook now. You’re really looking at everything. You have to know fronts, you have to know the calls. You can call everything from the right tackle to the left tackle. You’re really in control out there, and it feels good.”

Barclay would have every right not to feel so good about the upcoming year. After all, he would have been the odds-on-favorite to win the starting right guard job to replace T.J. Lang had 12th-year veteran free agent Jahri Evans not been signed just before the draft.

Instead, Barclay was making all the snaps for the No. 1 offensive line throughout OTAs with starting center Corey Linsley recovering from offseason surgery. He’s once again the super-sub, Linsley’s top backup as well as possibly the first reserve option at either guard spot given his experience.

It’s a role he has not only accepted but owned with pride, and his longtime teammates have nothing but respect for his professionalism, on the field and in the locker room.

“Bringing Don back was a big thing for us,” Rodgers said, referring to the re-signing of Barclay this past offseason. “He’s really improved his game.

“This is a guy that’s started at tackle for us, started at guard for us, and now is in line to be our backup center. That’s fantastic, and I give him a lot of credit.  He has a great approach, he’s a great teammate, and he continues to show this team how valuable he is to it.”

Barclay proved his value early in his career, filling in at right tackle due to injuries as an undrafted rookie from West Virginia in 2012. The following year, he started 14 games at right tackle.

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Brett Hundley is doing his best impression of Aaron Rodgers

Brett Hundley knows he’s on the trading block. So in order for him to get traded and the Green Bay Packers get something big in return at the same time, the backup QB has to be a big performer this preseason.

And it looks like Hundley is more than ready to do just that.

Last week, Hundley was at Road America and got to ride in an IndyCar with Mario Andretti. Afterwards, he showed off his football skills by throwing a football into a moving Corvette. Here’s a look at the video.

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GREEN BAY – From the receiving yards to the touchdowns, Davante Adams gave the Packers everything they could’ve asked for during his third NFL season.

Still, that didn’t stop receivers coach Luke Getsy from issuing a challenge to Adams this spring.

The talk had nothing to do with Adams eclipsing his breakthrough campaign of 75 receptions, 997 receiving yards and 12 touchdowns, though.

Instead, Getsy’s message had to do with leadership.

“He and I talked about him growing in that area,” Getsy said. “He’s done a great job in meetings and giving the young guys some really good perspectives this offseason. The words he’s choosing and when he’s choosing them – he’s been hitting the right buttons.”

Adams knows his place in a receiver room that features two Pro Bowl veterans in Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb, who possess 15 years of combined NFL experience.

At the same time, the 6-foot-1, 215-pound Adams also understands more will be asked of him in the meeting room and practice field in the wake of his 2016 season.

Adams received a small taste of that last week after the Packers dismissed Nelson, Cobb and the rest of the team’s veterans from minicamp. While Adams led the group in each individual drill and was the veteran voice in the classroom, it wasn’t anything the 24-year-old receiver isn’t used to.

“I’ve had a lot of practice with doing that since I’ve been here because that’s kind of the way our wideout room flows,” Adams said. “We all learn from each other. Just because you play a long time doesn’t mean you don’t have room where you can learn things. Obviously with me being one of the older guys in the room now, I definitely take advantage of being able to help out whomever.”

This spring has been quite a change from a year ago at this time when a majority of the questions Adams faced were related to a frustrating 2015 season in which the former second-round pick was besieged by ankle and knee injuries.

Finally healthy last season, Adams lived up the potential quarterback Aaron Rodgers and his teammates felt he always had. One spectacular catch after another, Adams gradually developed into a household name as the season progressed.

His 12 touchdown catches were second in the league to only Nelson (14).

“I think he’d be the first to tell you that the injuries that he fought through in Year 2, he was definitely much healthier in Year 3,” said Head Coach Mike McCarthy of Adams. “Frankly, I thought we did a much better job creating opportunities for him last year not only as the No. 1 receiver (on certain plays) but also in the No. 2 and No. 3 hole as far as formation and alignment. So (with) increased opportunities, he cashed in on it.”

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Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) is helped up by teammates Lane Taylor (65) and tackle Bryan Bulaga (75). He recently bought ATVs for his offensive line. File photo by A.J. Sisco/UPI

| License Photo

May 25 (UPI) — All-Pro quarterback Aaron Rodgers gave back to his offensive line Wednesday, in the form of four all-terrain vehicles.

The Green Bay Packers star delivered the four Polaris customized rides to Bryan Bulaga, Don Barclay, Corey Linsley and Lane Taylor. Each ATV featured the player’s initials and jersey number on the side.

“So you could call this the best Christmas gift ever. Thank you @AaronRodgers12 for this awesome @PolarisORV ! These things are ridiculous,” Bulaga tweeted.

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Projecting the first-year impact of rookies presents any number of challenges. That becomes even more difficult when one suffers a serious injury such as Green Bay Packers‘ fourth-round pick Vince Biegel’s fractured fifth metatarsal.

On the other side of the spectrum, wide receiver Malachi Dupre has a cluttered path to a spot on the 53-man roster, but the prospect of finally playing with capable quarterbacks offers some optimism that he can beat the odds afforded to the typical seventh-round pick.

Check out these items on these players and more in today’s curds.

Vince Biegel’s feel-good story with Packers takes a hit after foot surgery | ESPN

While the news of Biegel’s foot surgery first surfaced on Monday, ESPN’s Rob Demovsky paints a less-than-rosy outlook for the first-year edge rusher’s recovery. The fracture Biegel suffered has a high re-injury rate, and the medical staff might hold him back as a precaution. Just a few weeks of training camp missed could prove the difference between a productive rookie campaign and a de facto redshirt season.

Malachi Dupre prepared for tough competition |

At one point, Dupre seemed likely to become an early round draft choice. However, a dearth of quality quarterback play at LSU and the firing of long-time head coach Les Miles negatively affected Dupre’s final season in Baton Rouge. Now with the Packers, the young wideout has to break through a logjam at the position in order to stick around. Perhaps with Aaron Rodgersand Brett Hundley throwing him passes, Dupre’s talent can finally shine through.

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There usually isn’t much risk in trading back, if a GM trusts his board

Jeff from Kenosha, WI

Hi guys, am I the only one who gets the feeling that the Packers are not nearly as concerned with their CB situation as the fans are? I think we will draft a CB but not until the third round. What are your thoughts?

I expect the Packers to draft at least one, if not two, but the combination of the House signing and the draft’s depth at the position will allow the Packers to wait for the right corner(s) to come to them.

Briar from Madison, WI

Tom Brady says he wants to play 6-7 more years given that he stays healthy. What do you think Aaron Rodgers‘ window looks like if he were to stay in good shape?

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The offseason prepares you for the worst-case scenario

Gary from Columbus, OH

Wouldn’t it be better to draft a starter now in the first round with Aaron Rodgers at his peak than drafting two lower round potential starters two or three years out?

That’s the idea in theory, but it doesn’t always work out that way. You may have a hunch about how a prospect will transition to the NFL, but everything changes once a player steps on the field. That’s what separates the players from the prospects. Every player learns and develops at a different pace. I think Clay Matthews and Nick Perry are good examples of that. Matthews blew the doors down as a rookie, while Perry needed a few more years of seasoning. Both can get the job done.

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GREEN BAY, Wis. — The NFL either cracked down harder on the Green Bay Packers this past season, or they were guilty of more egregious infractions — or perhaps both.

Whatever the case, Packers players were fined at least $185,348 during the 2016 season (including playoffs). That’s more than the previous two seasons combined. In 2015, they had four player fines that totaled $52,088. In 2014, it was six player fines for $88,197.

Seven of the fines, including quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ from the NFC Championship Game, were facemask penalties that carried a $9,115 dock in pay.

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