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ALAMEDA, Calif. — Which development should matter more to the Oakland Raiders — Amari Cooper showing a certain physicality on his 8-yard touchdown catch-and-bowl-over-the-defender, or his inability to come up with the ball on three straight passes to him from the 2-yard line?

They are of equal importance in that Oakland will take the first, thank you very much, while using the second as a teaching moment heading into Sunday’s home opener against the New York Jets.

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Being able to provide for family and friends is one of the many luxuries that comes along with being a professional athlete. It’s a life-changing experience for both the player and the player’s loved ones.

Oakland Raiders wide receiver Amari Cooper, who is entering his third NFL season, was able to give his mom the house and car of her dreams, and he posted a photo on Instagram for the world to see.

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