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In this digital age, kids are often exposed to all kinds of technology – from iPads to computers and TVs. Hence, it comes as no surprise that their idea of fun sometimes means sitting and staring at a screen for hours on end. Unfortunately, such sedentary behavior is unhealthy, especially when it becomes a habit that the child carries over to his or her adult years. This often leads to poor fitness and increases the risk of obesity, as well as other chronic diseases.

If your little one is obsessed with electronic gadgets and would rather stay in to play video games than go to the playground or swimming pool, fret not. We’ve got a suggestion for you: enroll your kid in a martial arts academy to keep him or her active! Besides being a fun and engaging activity, martial arts would also be great for your child’s character development.

Before 9-year-old Stephen Cartagena started training martial arts at Evolve MMA, he was a couch potato.

“He would sit down the whole day after school with his iPad, or play with his PS4,” shares Noble Cartagena, Stephen’s dad. “We tried to limit his time with these gadgets, but since we aren’t home most of the time, we couldn’t really keep track. So we wanted to find him an activity that can keep him active.”

Stephen poses with his BJJ professors.

“My parents brought me to Evolve for a trial class, and then I asked my mom to sign me up” recalls Stephen. He enjoyed himself so much that he actually returned for more martial arts training the following day.

Now, Stephen trains both Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and Muay Thai on a regular basis at Evolve MMA (Orchard Central) and Evolve MMA (PoMo Mall), and holds a gray belt in BJJ as well as a gray prajied in Muay Thai. During his time at Evolve MMA, Stephen has become much more active and as a result managed to shed some pounds and drop to a healthy weight.

“I was 45kg before I started training, and now I’m 39kg. I train 6 times a week, that’s why I’m very fit and very slim,” he laughs.

Stephen, before and after his martial arts training.

Apart from the weight loss and active lifestyle, martial arts has played a part in shaping Stephen to be a better person. According to his dad, there is “overall improvement” in Stephen’s life. “He became more focused, his school grades improved, and his eating habits got better too,” shares Noble. “He eats vegetables now!” he exclaimed.

At some point of his martial arts journey, Stephen decided to take his training to the next level and put his skills to the test – by participating in competitions.

“I competed thrice so far,” reveals Stephen. “I got a silver at the Evolve competition, and bronze for my other two competitions, in Singapore and Melbourne. It was great to represent Evolve.”

Stephen and his teammates and professors at a BJJ competition.

Besides being an active competitor, Stephen is also popular among his teammates at Evolve and his instructors have only good things to say about him, not just as a martial artist, but as a person too.

“Stephen is a friendly, smart and helpful kid. Everyone loves him,” shares BJJ Black Belt Almiro Barros, who heads the Little Samurai program at Evolve MMA. “He helps others in class and is a good example for other kids.”

Muay Thai Champion Saknarong Sityodtong, who teaches the kids Muay Thai at Evolve MMA agrees. “He always shows good behavior in class; it’s great to have him as a student.”

There’s no doubt that even at such a young age, Stephen has reaped numerous benefits from his martial arts training – and will only continue to grow and progress from here.

So tell us, are you ready to get your kid into the best shape of his/her life? Why not let him/her try a class and see how things go!


When it comes to karate masters who embody ever facet of the martial arts: it doesn’t get much better than Mr. Miyagi. Self control, discipline, and only wrecking someone’s s**t when they totally deserve it.

That kind of stern love, care, and dedication is what a true karate master must embody in order to become as respected and effective as Miyagi. Otherwise, you’re just another chump in a karate gi who’s trying to stroke their own ego and get a few kids from the neighborhood on your subscription plan.

But that hasn’t stopped deluded and self-proclaimed “karate masters” from going out into the world and convincing people their hot stuff. Trouble is, when it comes to fighting, it’s pretty clear to see in two seconds whether or not you’ve got skills. And these guys possess no skills whatsoever.

1. The “No touch” martial arts master tries his intimidating BS on an actual fighter and, well, it goes exactly like you’d expect.

This guy convinced people he could beat them only with the power of his mind – he’s a master of deflection who mastered the art of no one being able to hit him. Apparently, there’s at least one person in the world who can. Ryuken the “Psychic” bet Iwakura Goh $5,000 he would beat him in a fight using only his mind. He not only loses the fight, but the cash as well.

2. This Taekwondo Instructor who can’t even break a board.

Not only does he not break it – he ends up kicking in the air and hitting a girl in the head with it, making her cry. Yeah.

3. This Brazilian Jiu Jitsu “expert” who claims to have a black belt from a prestigious team gets called out by head instructor of that prestigious team.

The Jay Querioz saga is an interesting one. Jay was not only a whack martial artist, but a whack instructor and an absolute conman. Plus, I’d see that the second someone walked into a dojo with their black belt wrapped around their t-shirt and shorts.

4. This Fake Black Belt tried to train at a gym filled with UFC Champions.

There was a time when Blackhouse MMA guys pretty much ruled the UFC. Lyoto Machida, former Light Heavyweight Champ and Anderson Silva, former longtime Middleweight champion of the world, had insane sparring sessions there, along with former featherweight champion of the world Jose Aldo (who’s only ever lost two times in his career and is an absolute savage). And this guy thought it would be a great idea to pretend like he was a black belt at this gym where the best of the best train. Wonderful.

Ruben Alvarez the BJJ black belt, instructor, and competitor gives more context to the incident in a video below.

5. The Legit Karate Champion who made up a BS “no-touch” knockout.

George Dillman was a national karate 4 years in a row. He trained with Bruce Lee. He trained with Muhammad  Ali. He is a 10th degree black belt. The man is an amazing pioneer and karate legend in his own right. He might’ve gone a little loopy over time, however, because he had people convinced he could knock people out without even touching them. He couldn’t use his “Qi” power to knock anyone out on camera in front of a National Geographic camera team. He tried to explain his failure as best as he could.

 “The skeptic was a totally non-believer. Plus — I don’t know if I should say that on film — but if the guy had his tongue in the wrong position in the mouth, that can also nullify it [Qi power]. You can nullify it — you can nullify a lot of things. In fact, you can nullify it if you raise those two big toes! If I say I’m going to knock you out, and you raise one toe, and push one toe down… I can’t knock you out. And then, if I go to try again, you reverse it. If you keep doing this, I won’t knock you out.”




Are colored belts the worst thing to happen to martial arts?

Grapplearts Founder Stephan Kesting thinks so. Belts can not only become an obsession for people (“Why didn’t I get my blue belt? I almost tapped out a blue belt!”) but they put a huge target on your back. When you get ranked up to blue belt, all of the white belts want to tap you. When you get your purple, all of the white belts and blue belts want to tap you.

Furthermore, if you focus on your belt, you might quit after you get your belt. Why shouldn’t you? You’ve achieved your goals, haven’t you? You set out to be a BJJ black belt. Now you have it, so why not just quit?

That’s not to say Stephan doesn’t understand the purpose of belts. They not only give you a sense of external validation for your accomplishments, but they give your instructor an idea of what you should know.

But belts are simply to be wrapped around the waist, not for us to be wrapped up in.

Stop obsessing over that next rank. Instead, continue learning as much as you can and recognize that martial arts are a lifelong journey, not a destination.


The teenage years, a time when you have so many choices and opportunities. The formative time in your life where anything is possible. A time where the decisions you make have a long lasting effect on the rest of your life. How you spend your time, and who with, has never been as crucial as it has been up to this point.

With that being said, it’s important that teenagers spend their time wisely. In this digital world, where there are so many distractions trying to grab teenagers’ attention, it’s more important than ever to find activities that are not only fun but productive as well. One activity that fits the bill is martial arts. Martial arts has become one of the most popular fitness activities to take up in recent memory. People all across the world have picked up different martial arts, everything from Muay Thai to boxing, and wrestling to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

It’s not only a great way to work up a sweat, but it’s also a fun learning experience that is as engaging as it is enlightening.

Martial arts has become especially popular among teenagers as it provides many health and wellness benefits while building character. This is essential in a child’s teenage years as this is the time when they develop fully into adulthood.

If you are thinking about enrolling your teenager in martial arts classes, Evolve Daily shares 5 Reasons Why Teenagers Should Train Martial Arts.

1) It’s a great distraction from the modern, digital lifestyle

Kids nowadays are fixated on their mobile phones and tablets, playing the latest video games and surfing the internet to no end. While that’s all good in moderation, there are certainly better ways to spend time.

We all know the web can be a pretty volatile place to hang around, but how hard do we really try to keep ourselves away from the digital lifestyle?

Martial arts provides the perfect distraction from digital media and brings us back to developing what truly matters – our physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

The way martial arts pushes and challenges the mind and body, it paves the way for self-discovery like no other expensive piece of technology can.

Getting the blood flowing through exercise does wonders for a teenager’s health and wellness. Just the oxygen intake alone from an engaging martial arts training session can reinvigorate the human body like no other.

It’s time to put down those mobile devices and strap on a pair of gloves. Martial arts training can bring the fun back to being a physically active human being.

2) It’s an awesome after-school activity

Just another awesome BJJ class at Evolve MMA!

When the bell rings and kids are finally out of class, there are so many places they could go and hang out. Martial arts gives teenagers quite possibly the best after-school activity they can be a part of.

Instead of hitting the mall or getting into trouble, martial arts training gives teens a place to burn a couple of hours doing something that they would truly enjoy.

Martial arts is not just a mere workout routine; it’s not just exercise, but also a fun way to learn an activity that helps instill in them focus, discipline, humility, and self-confidence.

Studying the intricate movements of Muay Thai, the swift, smooth transitions of wrestling, and the science of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, teenagers are given a myriad of avenues in which they can focus their learning.

Today, more and more teens can be found in martial arts gyms because it gives them an outlet to release stress and physical tension. It gives them a place to calm their mind and stimulate their bodies.

3) It helps build self-confidence and bully-proofs

Teenage years are some of the hardest times in one’s life in terms of socializing. Nowadays, one of the biggest problems in schools is bullying that happens between peers. During formative years, such as your teens, it is very important not to fall victim to bullying. The scars left by these horrific experiences can affect a person for many years to come.

Through martial arts, teenagers learn how to defend themselves and build their self-confidence. Through the self-defense training that comes with martial arts, children can learn to stand up for themselves and deal with bullies in a non-violent way. This self-confidence allows children to take control of their lives and ensures that they won’t fall victim to this terrible epidemic.

4) It helps develop students physically to reach their potential

The martial art belt system teaches students to set goals, attain them, and see the visual results of these achievements.

The human body is a wondrous thing. There is truly no bounds to what we can achieve when we push ourselves to the limit to discover what we are capable of.

A lot of teenagers who go through puberty are at the stage in their lives when they truly develop themselves physically. As such, it is crucial to steer them in the right direction. Martial arts training does just that.

Martial arts carefully unleashes the full physical potential of the human body. It brings out the best in people, fostering an environment that is conducive to developing laser focus and incredible work ethic.

Multiple-time Muay Thai World Champion Orono Wor Petchpun didn’t start training in Muay Thai until late in his teenage years. Despite this, he has accomplished so much in his career, so it’s certainly never too late to start.

The way a boxing student hits the pads non-stop for minutes on end, or how a Brazilian jiu-jitsu student rolls around the mat over and over until he perfects his technique – all of this calls for maximum physical capacity.

Nothing pushes the human physicality like martial arts training does.

5) It builds camaraderie and friendships

Martial arts teaches teenagers how to respect their opponents, even during intense competitions.


We’ve all been there before: rock bottom. Maybe you lost your job, ended a relationship, or simply feel like you’ve hit a dead end. Whatever it is, you probably wish that you can start over again, on a fresh page. The thing is, you might not be sure how to go about doing so. Well, let us just remind you that when you’ve hit rock bottom, the only way left to go is up.

Ready to take that first step towards a new beginning? Then why not head to your nearest Martial Arts Gym! Trust us; training will really help make the process better.

5 Ways Martial Arts Can Give You A Fresh Start:

1) It gives you the strength and courage to start over


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu enables a small person to overcome bigger, stronger opponents.

You are not your difficult times, your setbacks, or your failures. Although you don’t realize it, sometimes you’re the only one holding yourself back – by focusing on your flaws and weaknesses. When you do, you’re actually preventing yourself from getting that fresh start you deserve, because you’re getting in your own way.

Fortunately, this will change when you train martial arts. This is because martial arts empowers you to take charge of your life and ultimately become a master of your own fate. Also, it will teach you to thrive outside your comfort zone and of course, toughen you up physically and mentally. Hence, you will make it a point to always pick yourself up as quickly as you can, every time you fall. More importantly, you will be brave enough to start afresh – even if it means letting go of whatever you know and doing something completely foreign.

2) It enables you to be present in every moment

Heavy bag work is a great way to build strength and endurance for Muay Thai.

It’s no secret that harping on about the past does nothing but make you feel worse in the present, and possibly even affect your future. After all, you can’t cry over spilled milk. So if you’re letting the past weigh you down, it is going to be very difficult to start over, especially if your mind and heart aren’t in the present.

Training martial arts will teach you to focus on whatever’s in front of you, and more importantly, to be present in every moment. This is because when you let yourself get distracted, you will be putting yourself in a vulnerable position – whether on the mats or in the ring. Once you learn to take your mind off the past and be present, you’ll be able to make every moment count and start your next chapter on a good note.

3) It develops your self-confidence

Multiple-time Muay Thai World Champion Orono Wor Petchpun teaches at Evolve MMA.

As you progress in your martial arts journey, your self-confidence will grow. After all, you will have the knowledge and skill to protect yourself in the face of danger. Also, you’ll achieve your goals and watch yourself make progress over time.

When you believe in yourself, you will stop questioning your choices and stop doubting the decisions you make. As a result, it will be much easier to start over – because you will trust yourself with that next move you’re about to make.

4) It teaches you to be kind to yourself

Being well rounded in BJJ means training both in the gi and no-gi.

As much as we hate to admit it, we sometimes seek solace in things that cause damage to our bodies – be it alcohol, cigarettes, or comfort food. Unfortunately, sometimes this becomes a habit, and we end up neglecting our health, whether we intend to or not.

If you consistently train martial arts, you will take better care of yourself by making better lifestyle choices such as fueling up on nutritious food and getting enough rest every night. What’s more, you will be less likely to take a few steps back by making unhealthy decisions after making progress at the gym.

5) It shapes you to become a more optimistic person

The knee can be one of the most powerful Muay Thai weapons.

Sometimes, all it takes is a change in perspective. If you think about it, going through tough times and hitting rock bottom actually helps you to appreciate the good times that much more. If you’re a pessimist, the good news is that martial arts will teach you to look on the bright side of life. After all, there will definitely be times when you have to stay positive even when things don’t go your way in the gym.

Once you’re able to see the good in every situation, there’s no doubt you will be able to seize every moment and of course, start afresh whenever you need to start over in life.

So tell us, are you ready to take control and start all over again? Go on, you’ve got this!



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