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Veteran running back Chris Johnson is on a mission to prove to the Arizona Cardinals that it was a mistake to release him

The Arizona Cardinals must’ve had their reasons. Perhaps it was the fumbling by Chris Johnson that got him released by the club. Maybe it was the fact that the running back would soon be turning 32, an age that most playing the position are hitting a wall.

All of that mattered very little when Cardinals’ star David Johnson suffered a severe wrist injury during the season opener. The two to three month prognosis called for a roster move to be made. Right then and there, it was obvious who general manager Steve Keim would be calling.

“CJ2K” barely started getting acclimated to the everyday life of a normal person when he was summoned back to the nest. Any resentment that Johnson may have been carrying for being let go would have to be placed aside. The NFL is a business where personal feelings have no place.

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The van is saved; long live the van. So says Washington Redskinsquarterback Kirk Cousins, whose conversion van has been fixed.

Cousins said he couldn’t drive the van to camp in Richmond, Virginia, because when he went to start it at Redskins Park in late July, the battery was completely dead. However, Cousins drove the van out of Redskins Park on Tuesday, spotted by a team staffer — and he tweeted out the news.

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