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St. Louis Cardinals

CLEVELAND, OH – SEPTEMBER 27: The Minnesota Twins celebrate after clinching the second Wild Card spot of the American League after at Progressive Field on September 27, 2017 in Cleveland, Ohio. The Indians defeated the Twins 4-2. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

The St. Louis Cardinals are not playing in the postseason but the non-capitalized version of their name offers a prudent view of the impending competitions.

The St. Louis Cardinals failed to live up to the potential of its individual parts in 2017. This cardinal failure was the undoing of the 2017 team leaving them watching the postseason from their individual homes.

Ah, a play on words to kick off October… For those not in the know, the lower case version of the word usually reserved for the name of a bird carries with it the definition, “of greatest importance; fundamental” when used as an adjective. Hence the play on the word in the title of this post and in that first paragraph above.

Keeping with the title, then, let us take a cardinal look at the competitions now solidly slated for the 2017 postseason to begin this very week.

Additionally, I will insert the 2017 St. Louis Cardinals in the NL side of things where they might have slotted should they have (1) played better this season, (2) suffered fewer bullpen meltdowns, and/or (3) had a different manager. All of these suppositions are simple “what-ifs” but are worth taking a look for giggle-sake.

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Eric Decker might just be the perfect Free Agent signing Steve Kiem loves to make.

We all know how Steve Kiem loves to make his free agent noise towards the tail end of the off-season. It’s always good to add depth, and the longer you wait into the off-season, the better an idea you’ll have about what you need to address in free agency.

In recent news, the New York Jets released Eric Decker as of June 12th, making him the main talking point of free agency right now.

Teams such as Baltimore, Tennessee, Buffalo, and Oakland have all expressed interest in the 30-year-old wide out since his release. I’m gonna explain three reasons why he would fit perfectly in Arizona.

Reason Number One: Larry’s Age

Arizona has been blessed the past decade having this future hall of famer on their team. Larry Fitzgerald has become the face of the Cardinals organization over the course of his career.  Unfortunately all good things must come to an end, and Larry is at the end of his career.

We all lived through his decision earlier this off-season, and the fact that there was a decision at all means Larry doesn’t have much left. Some are saying this will be his last season, others say he’s got two left in him.

Either way, Decker could fill that role for Arizona while 3rd round selection Chad Williams adjusts to the league and grows a bit.

Reason Number Two: John Brown’s Health

John Brown quickly became a huge part of this Bruce Arians offense and was a large reason for the success in 2015’s season. He’s also a large reason for 2016’s disappointing run, as he was diagnosed with a sickle-cell trait.

Smoke was diagnosed early in the season, which led to high hopes for an answer and recovery. Unfortunately, he was never able to recover and was not able to bring that vertical threat to the offense that Arians loves so much.

There have been reports this off-season that say Brown is back to his old self, but that’s only speculation. I hope we see 2015 John Brown back as much as the next guy, but we wont know for sure until September rolls around.

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