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FOXBORO — With the evidence in hand, Brian Brazil made his case to the referees.

The coach of Hebron High in Carrollton, Texas, Brazil had just watched his team lose to Allen, 28-21, in 2011. What had Brazil up in arms was how his defensive end, Deatrich Wise Jr., fell victim to one hold after another without a single yellow flag thrown.

The explanation he received made it even worse.

“The game was over and I took (Wise’s) jersey over to the official, and the jersey was completely ripped. It was torn to shreds. I took it to the officials after the game and said, ‘Not one holding call. Did not call holding once, and I told you before the game (he would be held),’ ” Brazil recalled. “And they said, ‘Coach, he’s on the backside of the play.’ And I said, ‘Exactly. He runs everything down from the backside.’ ”

That didn’t matter. The officials, despite acknowledging the fouls, believed Wise wasn’t in position to make the plays and, thus, didn’t see it as a violation.

“I guess (the holding) worked,” Brazil said. “I had to get his jersey replaced because I couldn’t use it after that game. It was totally shredded.”

Wise said Thursday that game taught him a valuable lesson.

“High school is when I learned that refs never call a holding call,” Wise said, “and I’ve kind of got to get used to it.”

As Wise enters his third career NFL game this afternoon with the Houston Texans coming to Gillette Stadium, opposing offensive linemen have yet to keep him out of the backfield. Already with two sacks in two games, Wise has drawn an illegal hands to the face call, but no holding penalties yet.

He can see it, do it

All one must do to get a sense of how Wise can dominate at the point of attack is shake his hand. Not only does Wise have fingers that stretch out seemingly to the size of a catcher’s mitt, but his grip can have a crushing effect. Those big, strong hands, combined with 35-plus-inch arm length, make for a daunting physical specimen. Brazil even theorized that the 6-foot-5, 270-pound Wise could have grown into an offensive tackle.

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GREEN BAY, Wisc. (WBAY) There’s no undrafted rookie making as much noise in camp as Michael Clark. The Packers basketballer turned wide receiver is becoming a human highlight reel.

“Football is totally new to me,” said Packers wide receiver Michael Clark.

He may be raw talent, but in his three weeks with the team, Clark has already done something the rest of the rookies have not—catch a touchdown pass at Lambeau Field.

“This is my second year playing. I played last year, and going this year this is my second year playing, you know I’m on the biggest stage of professional football,” said Clark, “…still learning the game cause you know I’m still scratching the surface on my talent but just keep showing improvement and ultimately them trusting in me.”

The preseason is all about capitalizing on opportunity, something Clark understands. He played just 17 snaps against Philly and made two catches on three targets for 19 yards with one touchdown.

“When I look at the preseason games it’s about trying to create as many situations as possible for your players,” said Packer Head Coach Mike McCarthy, “…so it’s not as much about beating the other guy, it’s more about putting your players in position to compete.”

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers fired coach Lovie Smith on Wednesday night, discount dismissing him after two seasons and giving him only one with No. 1 overall draft pick Jameis Winston behind center.

Smith went 6-10 this season and 8-24 over two years in charge of the team.

“After careful consideration, tadalafil we informed Lovie that we have decided to make a change,” Buccaneers co-chairman Joel Glazer said in a statement Wednesday night. “I want to thank Lovie for his hard work and dedication to the Buccaneers during his time here.”

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Ex-USC coach Steve Sarkisian joins Alabama's staff as analyst


TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — Former USC head coach Steve Sarkisian has been hired by Alabama as an analyst, coach Nick Saban announced Monday.

“We talked about it quite a while ago,” Saban said. “I told him we’d love to have him as a part of the organization.”

As an analyst, Sarkisian can watch film of games and practice and provide input on the overall direction of the team, including the game plan. He is, however, not allowed to have a hands-on coaching role, interacting with players on the football field.

Tosh Lupoi was hired by Alabama as an analyst in 2014 and was promoted to linebackers coach in 2015.

Sarkisian, 42, reunites with former colleague and current Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin. The two coached offense together at USC under Pete Carroll.

Sarkisian, who was fired by USC in the middle of his second season, had previously reached an agreement to work as a television analyst during games for Fox Sports. He sued USC for wrongful termination, alleging discrimination because of his alcoholism and breach of his contract.

Saban said Sarkisian has worked to “get himself in a positive situation.”

“We’re going to continue to help him as an organization,” Saban said. “We’re glad to have him.”

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