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Falcons owner Arthur Blank discussing his plans before the Lions’ game on Sunday. (By D. Orlando Ledbetter/ 

Falcons owner Arthur Blank stood next to head coach Dan Quinn on the field during the National Anthem before Sunday’s game with the Detroit Lions.

Defensive tackles Grady Jarrett and Dontari Poe elected to kneel while holding hands with defensive coordinator Marquand Manuel (standing to the right of Jarrett) and Adrian Clayborn (standing to left of Poe).

Eight members of the Detroit Lions elected to kneel also.

“It’s just a physical and symbolic representation of what I said yesterday,” Blank said before the game about standing with his team.

Blank was fine with whatever the players elected to do.

”What they do is their choice,” Blank said before the game. “I’m supportive of our players. I’m certainly supportive of their rights to express their freedom of speech. I don’t think…the people that fought for this country going back several hundred years primarily weren’t fighting for geography. They were fighting for way of life, and part of that is reflected in the freedom of speech and the ability to speak up and speak out on issues.

Blank was not pleased with the comments of President Donald Trump about players who have elected to kneel during the National Anthem.

“It’s unfortunate that the president chose to go in that direction and speak out the way he has,” Blank said. “Love conquers and that kind of divisiveness and calling out accomplishes nothing, satisfies nothing.”

Blank was not one of the seven NFL owners who dontated $1 million to Trump’s campaign. Blank was a strong supporter of  President Barack Obama.

Players around the league have been protesting social and racial injustice in the country.

“The issues that they point to are legitimate issues,” Blank said. “They need to be talked about it. We need to make progress as a country moving forward with them. We don’t do it by creating walls. We don’t build walls. That doesn’t create better listening or better responses or connections.”

Blank noted that the Falcons are one of the busiest teams when it comes to doing community service.

“I think our players love this country,” Blank said. “They not only play this game, but they work their fannies off physically and financially giving back in a variety of ways to our communities throughout the national football league. We are the first to step up and do very significant things. They do it day in and day out. I see it every day with our players.”

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The Falcons dealt with this the whole offseason, and you saw it, because it was impossible to miss it—28–3, 28–3, 28–3. And riding shotgun to all the taunting was the idea that the mother of all Super Bowl hangovers was coming as a result of the mother of all Super Bowl collapses.

Two weeks in, not so much. And the Falcons have handled all of this so well, because they haven’t run from it. As recently as last week, players—all the way up the chain to Matt Ryan—were speaking freely about overcoming the past. There wasn’t a ceremonial burial of a football, or an embargo on talking about 2016. Instead, the players and coaches have hit what they had coming right between the eyes.

And the reason why is simple. They did what few NFL teams have the stomach to when things go sideways—behind the GM they’ve stuck with for a decade and a head coach they’ve invested in, they believed in their course and stuck to it.

You can start, too, with one thing that actually changed. Atlanta handled its biggest offseason defection—Kyle Shanahan leaving to coach the Niners—by asking every candidate they interviewed, “can you run his offense?” In essence, screaming to the players, stay the course. The man Quinn found, Steve Sarkisian, has background with Pete Carroll, another sign of how Atlanta was building on the program, not tearing it down. So while the pilot was different, the script wasn’t and, at least on Sunday, neither was the result. Matt Ryan and company rolled up 257 yards and 24 points in the first half alone against Green Bay.

If they looked unaffected by all the noise, that makes sense too, because it had been impressed on the players that they’d been through a smaller version of this before. During Dan Quinn’s first season with the Falcons, the team saw a 6–1 start evaporate into an 8–8 finish—and that loomed over the 2016 offseason. The same way 28–3 will come up this year every time Atlanta has a lead, the 2–7 meltdown served as a caveat to every early-season win they had last year. And the Falcons were able to plow through all of that on their way to the Super Bowl.

And then, finally, there’s Quinn himself, a coach who was the king of the 2015 coaching carousel in large part because of his ability to reach players and lead, qualities that equipped him for the aftermath of the letdowns of both the ’15 season, and Super Bowl LI.

We don’t know yet whether or not the Falcons are going to be where they were last year, with a shot to win the franchise’s first world title. But what we should’ve known all along was simple—they most certainly were equipped to handle all that was coming their way.

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“All Gas, No Brakes.”

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

The Facons excel at coming up with new ways to motivate themselves under Dan Quinn, and one of the ways they’ve done so is multiple slogans, mantras, and inspirational sayings that help to rally the team together. Personally, I’m a fan of the latest one.

The “All Gas, No Brakes” slogan neatly wraps up Dan Quinn’s entire philosophy, but it actually originated with linebacker LaRoy Reynolds. The Falcons are a team that wants to fly around the field, never stop running, and maybe play right up to the whistle and juuuuust a little beyond. Ricardo Allen lends us some more context below.

Falcons free safety Ricardo Allen talks about the team’s latest slogan of “All Gas, No Brakes” going into Sunday… 

 coach Dan Quinn breaks down the “All Gas, No breaks” slogan the team has embraced. LB LaRoy Reynolds came up with it.

After a little bit of a sluggish effort against the Bears, especially on the offensive side of the ball, this particular motto is a good one to embrace against an aggressive, attacking Packers team. Green Bay put up 21 points in the NFC Conference Championship Game (against 44 points for Atlanta!) and just 17 points against the Seahawks in Week 1, so speedy, effective play on both sides of the ball could make this one easier than expected.

Just, you know, don’t drive like that.

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Dan Quinn after practice on Friday, August 18, 2017. (By D. Orlando Ledbetter/

PITTSBURGH — The Falcons signed offensive tackle Austin Pasztor and released offensive lineman Marquis Lucas on Saturday.
Pasztor has made 43 starts and played 58 games over five seasons in the NFL.
Pasztor, who’s 6 feet 7 and 305 pounds, played three seasons with Jacksonville and two with Cleveland since coming out of Virginia in 2012.

Behind starting tackles Jake Matthews and Ryan Schraeder, the Falcons now have a potential backup tackle with NFL starting experience in Pasztor.
Last season’s swing tackle, Tom Compton, signed with the Bears in free agency.

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Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn wasn’t just hired to revamp the defense. Sure, he’s one of the league’s brightest defensive minds. And sure, his defenses in Seattle were downright scary. But he’s also a man of character, and Arthur Blank wanted a true leader at the helm.

Meanwhile, let’s give the Falcons credit. They executed an aggressive draft strategy last month. In many respects, it’s a continuation of what they set in motion last season. They didn’t deviate from their game plan, and as a result, they added talented talented pass rusher Takkarist McKinley after trading up in the first round. Of course, we had some sense they’d draft a pass rusher. It wasn’t a forgone conclusion; but it was close to one.

Now the draft has come and gone. If the pre-draft analysis got on your nerves, then you must love the month of May. The Falcons, like every NFL team, are undefeated. The future is bright. But when you’ve got a front seven like the Falcons’ front seven, the future is really looking up.

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Atlanta Falcons coach Dan Quinn, speaking on SportsCenter Monday from the owners meeting in Phoenix, talked again about getting over the disappointment of blowing a 28-3 lead in a 34-28 overtime loss to the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLI.

Quinn was asked how many times he’s reviewed the tape.

“Probably somewhere between 10 and 15 (times),” Quinn said.

As he did at the NFL combine in February, Quinn emphasized that you have to own the mistakes that were made in the game. Quinn again discussed the “what ifs” from the game, such as if the Falcons should have run the ball late rather than drop back to throw with the game on the line. The decision backfired with a costly turnover when Matt Ryan was sacked and lost the ball on third-and-1 after Devonta Freeman missed a block. Then later, with the Falcons driving for what would have been a field goal, left tackle Jake Matthews was whistled for a holding call on a third-down pass play from Ryan to Mohamed Sanu. The Falcons could have ran the ball more during the drive and kept within field goal range rather than having to punt so the Patriots could drive for the eventual game-tying score.

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Chris Chester has not yet informed the Falcons whether he wants to continue playing. Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Falcons coach Dan Quinn said he has yet to hear from veteran guard Chris Chester about Chester’s future, but Quinn is by no means in panic mode about the right guard spot heading into next season.

Chester, 34, told in early February he would take some time to make a decision about continuing his career. General manager Thomas Dimitroff said on March 1, during the NFL combine, Chester would take a few weeks to decide. Chester started all 32 regular season games and all three postseason contests for the Falcons the last two seasons.

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