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The Washington Redskins reached out to their top two potential free agent receivers; whether they keep them remains to be seen.

The Redskins, for the first time this offseason, contacted the representatives for receiver Pierre Garcon and they spoke with DeSean Jackson‘s agent at the scouting combine, according to multiple sources. With the legal tampering period beginning 4 p.m. Tuesday, it’s hard to say if this is a last-minute push or just the team gauging their situation.

Talks with Jackson appear to have been more productive, though what that means now is uncertain. Multiple people around the league have felt for a while that both receivers would leave. That’s never been a guarantee, however, and all it takes is a legitimate offer from the Redskins. There will be no discounted rate to stay by either player.

Jackson has been looking forward to free agency for some time, even mentioning late in the season that he was excited about the prospect. The last time he was a free agent stemmed from him being released by Philadelphia later in the process. My colleague, Jeremy Fowler, tweeted that Jackson was looking for a deal in the $10 million to $12 million range. Early on, I had been told the rumored number was $11 million, so this makes sense. That doesn’t mean he’ll get that much, but it’s the number others have heard.

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DeSean Jackson told ESPN’s Adam Schefter that signing with the Philadelphia Eagles would be a “great story,” but, if he leaves the Washington Redskins in free agency, he wants to play with a “great quarterback.”

Jackson talked to Schefter on his Know Them From Adam podcast. He was asked about possibly returning to Philadelphia, the team he played for during his first six seasons before he was released by then-coach Chip Kelly.

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Once upon a time, long before they donned the Burgundy and Gold and played in FedEx Field, Redskins players were high schoolers just like everyone else.

Sure, it may be hard to imagine now, but these guys once had lockers, fell asleep in sixth period and wandered the halls with their buddies, too. And, since Wednesday is National Signing Day, the folks over at decided to create a gallery featuring dozens of priceless throwback pictures showing what Washington’s stars looked like back then.

Ryan Kerrigan, for one, is easy to recognize:

Here’s Brandon Scherff, meanwhile, who apparently developed his, “Are there any offensive linemen I can smash hanging around, by chance?” face as a teenager:

A young Kirk Cousins closely resembles today’s Kirk Cousins (but a young Kirk Cousins definitely didn’t know how often he’d break the Internet once he grew up):

Oh, sorry, how’d this photo of Jamison Crowder from yesterday get in here? Hang on, nevermind, this actually is a snapshot of Crowder from high school, though it’s hard to believe since he looks EXACTLY THE SAME:

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ASHBURN, cure Va. — The speculation has already started on his future, shop butWashington Redskins receiver DeSean Jackson still wants to take care of the present. So, sildenafil he said, his focus isn’t on his next stop, it’s on finishing this season strong.

It just so happens that one team rumored to have interest in him is the one he’s facing Sunday: the Philadelphia Eagles, with whom he spent his first six seasons. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported a week ago that the Eagles might be among those with interest in pursuing Jackson if he indeed becomes a free agent. He’s in the final year of his deal.

“Who knows what happens in free agency,” Jackson said. “If I’m a free agent, I might seek some options and wherever it takes me, it takes me. It’s not my focus now. We have four games left here. Whatever happens, happens at the end of the season.”

He said his mindset returning to Philadelphia this weekend is simply to win a game.

“Anything else doesn’t matter,” he said. “Go in there and handle our business. … It’s definitely fun playing there. That’s where I started my career, so it’s always been fun.”

The Redskins like what Jackson adds; they also know they have tough financial decisions ahead. Fellow starting receiver Pierre Garcon also is a free agent, and it would be expensive to re-sign both. It’s hard to imagine the Redskins re-signing both players because of the cost. And they drafted a receiver in the first round last spring, Josh Doctson. But they still don’t know what Doctson can do because he has played in only two games, thanks to an Achilles issue.

The Redskins also have to re-sign quarterback Kirk Cousins, though it’s debatable, even if his situation were resolved, whether they’d keep both receivers.

Jackson provides the Redskins with one of the best deep threats in the NFL. In his three seasons with Washington, Jackson leads the NFL with 18.73 yards per catch. He’s second in that time span with 27 catches for 30 yards or more (trailing Indianapolis’ T.Y. Hilton, who has played 10 more games in this span). The point: Jackson remains dangerous.

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