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In Part 2 of our conversation with Hall of Fame Coach Dick Edell, Big Man tells many more tales, including the beauty of rivalries and his front row seat coaching in the two best rivalries in college lacrosse. We talk in depth about the 1995 meetings between JHU and Maryland, the time a cab drove on to the practice field, and the time he got an earring to settle a bet. Coach also discusses the joy of watching his former players grow into successful men, the value of creating meaningful relationships and the state of the game today.

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D-Fly and Dixie made a final pilgrimage to PJ’s Pub to soak it all in one last time and say farewell to a Johns Hopkins institution. PJ’s opened its doors on June 15, 1984 and after a tremendous 32-year run, will have its final last call on August 30. In a special podcast, the guys sit down with PJ’s owner Jerry Smith to swap stories about every Blue Jays’ favorite spot, how Hopkins has changed over the years, a golden era of Hopkins athletics and the many characters that have passed through the doors of PJ’s Pub.


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