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Kidsday reporter Sarai Alleyne, top, with her sister Maleah Alleyne, at Giants camp August 2016. Photo Credit: Alleyne family

Eli Manning, Odell Beckham Jr. and Victor Cruz are all players on the New York Giants football team. Wouldn’t you be happy if you got your hat or jersey signed by your favorite Giants player? Well, on Aug. 3, they signed my Giants hat. I was more than happy that day — I was ecstatic!

Did you know their stadium and training facility are both in New Jersey? I went to the training facility with my dad and my younger sister. If you get to the training center early enough, they have breakfast. They play music while the players practice outside. During the practice, Justin Tuck came to sign autographs, hats, jerseys, helmets, etc. This day officially marked the first signature I have ever received in my life.



The College Football Playoff committee isn’t the only group ranking Notre Dame inside the top 10.

ND ranks as the sixth-best school for “scholarly football fanatics,” according to Time magazine. The rankings were created using Money magazine’s list of colleges that provide the best value for their cost of tuition. ND ranks No. 44 in Money magazine’s list.

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As the Nebraska football program finds itself in a spiral not seen in decades, cialis Mike Riley’s popularity is understandably not very high among Husker Nation. Many fans have called for his immediate firing, but letting him go after one year would be the metaphorical equivalent of dropping a nuclear bomb on the program.

The fallout would taint Lincoln to the point of any desirable coach staying many a comfortable mile away from the city for years.

I bring good news to fans who find themselves punching walls as their hairlines recede: you are the key to Nebraska’s resurgence. Yes if you, my dear reader, are a Husker fan and want to see an uptick in performance, you hold the power.

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