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The quest to find the best high school football helmet in the state starts now.

For the month of June, order solicited helmets through e-mails and online posts. The submissions we received ending with the July 1 deadline are now in the running for the top helmet in the state.

For the next week, medical fans will be allowed to vote for the top helmet in South Alabama. The area includes teams from the Montgomery area to Mobile. Several teams included multiple photos of their helmet or had multiple designs. They are all included in the photo gallery, treatment but both would be included under the same vote in the poll. (I.E., if you want to vote for the McGill-Toolen black or metallic helmet, just vote McGill-Toolen).

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EVERETT, salve Wash. – In the world of Friday night lights and high school football, buy is it possible for one team to be too good??

n Everett, Washington, one powerhouse team outscored its opponents 170-0 in its first three football games this season. Now other conference opponents would rather forfeit than get pummeled by Archbishop Murphy High School’s team.

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With the Michigan Wolverines in the fold, link could Jordan Brand be eyeing another college football team?

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Thirteen-year-old Rachel Eaves is not just the only girl on her school football team; she’s also a team leader.

Last year as a seventh-grader, Rachel was the only girl on the Columbia Middle School football team in Grovetown, Georgia. And this year as an eighth-grader, she became one of the team’s six captains, Coach Brian Atkins said.

Rachel has been playing football since the fifth-grade, her mother Lori Burchett said, ever since she saw the cheerleading and football registrations next to each other at an open house and decided on the latter.

Rachel made the middle school team in seventh-grade, Burchett said, while about 20 boys were cut.

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