There becomes a point in the life of every football player where the playing days unfortunately come to an end, ambulance and the decision on what to do in life after football results in a challenging transition.

However, site that transition was a little easier for T.J. Rushing, prostate who is well underway to a successful coaching career.

Rushing, a former standout cornerback at Stanford and in the NFL, saw his playing career come to an end in 2012, and immediately, he made the transition into the coaching world — although he never intended to get into coaching.

When he first got to Stanford as a freshman football player, he had his eyes set on a career in law. During his time in the NFL, Rushing tore his ACL, and that really changed everything.

“When I got injured and tore my ACL and started sitting back and dissecting the game and having to use my brain to give people little tidbits from what I saw on film, I felt a great reward from that — even more so than when I made a big play,” Rushing said. “So when that started happening, I was thinking this might be my thing that can also give me satisfaction.”

So that’s exactly what Rushing did.

He spent the 2012 season at Arizona State as a graduate assistant before moving on to Northern Arizona, where he served as the cornerbacks coach in 2014. In 2015, Rushing went back to his alma mater, Stanford, to serve as a defensive assistant.

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