The Astros’ Carlos Correa and George Springer celebrating an 8-2 win over the Boston Red Sox on Friday in Game 2 of their American League division series. CreditRonald Martinez/Getty Images

HOUSTON — No team in baseball slugs like the Houston Astros. Their hitting coach, Dave Hudgens, tells them not to swing unless they think they can hit a home run. In the first two games of these playoffs, they have slammed six. Their ballpark locomotive, which clangs merrily above left field after every big hit, has been rolling.

The Astros have blitzed the Boston Red Sox with consecutive 8-2 victories, sending the visitors trudging back to Fenway Park with train whistles ringing through their skulls. The Red Sox had by far the fewest homers of any playoff team, and have added none here. They could be swept from this division series on Sunday at Fenway Park.

“We can only be ourselves,” said Mookie Betts, Boston’s star right fielder. “We can’t go out and bang like them. We can’t do a whole lot of things that they can do, but we can do what we can do. And what we do got us in the playoffs, and I’m pretty sure it can win us the World Series, too.”

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