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One of the biggest problems for the Bengals last year was a lack of weapons past A.J. Green. After losing Marvin Jones and Mohamed Sanu in free agency and watching Tyler Eifert deal with injury , Andy Dalton was too dependent on Green and it showed.

Needless to say, the Bengals quarterback is pretty excited about Cincinnati using a top-10 pick on a burner like John Ross , who Dalton called “the fastest guy in the NFL.”

“We’ve got the fastest guy in the NFL,” Dalton said. “Obviously that’s a good thing to have.

“Teams will have to know where he is because of that speed. It may level out some of these safeties who are tilting toward A.J. [Green]. Now when you’ve got a guy who can run like he can, you’ve got a big threat going deep.”

The wide receiver class in the 2017 NFL Draft wasn’t heavily heralded, but three guys ended up going in the top 10 anyway. And all three guys should have a huge impact with their respective teams.

And Ross goes really well with Green, as Dalton noted when speaking to Katherine Terrell of ESPN. If defenses spend a ton of effort trying to push coverage toward Green, who is one of the four or five best wideouts in the entire league, the Bengals can send Ross screaming up the other sideline.

Ross is more than just pure speed, though. He’s also an impressive route runner and a guy who can do some damage in the red zone as well.

Combine him with Green, the running back trio of Jeremy Hill, Giovani Bernard and rookie Joe Mixon, Eifert at tight end and Brandon LaFell and Tyler Boyd providing more depth/talent at wide receiver and there are no excuses for Dalton this year when it comes to weapons. Assuming all of those guys are healthy — Eifert is a question mark and Ross is dealing with some injuries even coming into the NFL — the Bengals did a really nice job reloading on offense and if the offensive line can protect Dalton, this could be a sneaky dangerous unit.


Despite national criticism of the Bengals’ locker room, A.J. Green knows he and Andy Dalton can help guide Joe Mixon as a professional football player.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bengals made one of the most controversial moves of the 2017 NFL Draft by selecting former Oklahoma Sooners running back Joe Mixon in the second round. Although he is, without a doubt, one of the most electrifying and talented players in the draft class, he is also well known for his off-the-field actions. For that reason, there has been plenty of criticism for the Bengals, who have notoriously poor decision makers like Adam Jones taking leadership roles in the locker room.

For some, it is hard to see how the Bengals expect Mixon, even if they genuinely believe he has changed, to stay out of trouble with negative influences around him. But, that’s hardly considering the full picture. The Bengals’ locker room is filled with incredible role models like A.J. Green, Andy Dalton, Michael Johnson, Carlos Dunlap, Geno Atkins, Giovani Bernard, the list goes on and on.

And if you ask Green, not only should the Bengals’ locker room environment not be a negative influence, but it will be a very positive one for the embattled running back.

“I feel like we have a great locker room, especially on the offensive side of the ball,” Green told Mo Egger of ESPN 1530. “I think, with Andy and I being the leaders of that offense, we really can help him if he has questions and we can show him the ropes.”

Following the departure of locker room leader Andrew Whitworth to the Los Angeles Rams this offseason, it is going to be on Green and Dalton to lead the offense and help guys like Mixon become great members of the team, both on- and off-the-field.

“They talk about it, but I don’t feel like they have to pound it in us, because we already know what comes with that pick,” Green said of the attention surrounding the Bengals’ selection of Mixon. “There’s a lot of people who are going to be saying it was a bad pick. But, I feel like in that locker room, we’re family and we protect each other.”

That attitude is exactly what you want to hear from a player like Green, who is going to be expected to take on more and more of a leadership role as he gets older. He has never been the most outspoken player, as he has always preferred to speak when asked and lead by example.

Being counted on to step up as a leader in a big way is relatively new territory for Green. Still, Green sees potential in Mixon and isn’t worried about how he will act as a member of the Bengals.

“I think he’s going to be fine. He made a stupid mistake when he was 18 and I think he’s learned from it,” Green said. “He’s going to have to live with that for the rest of his life and get better from that. But, I think he’s going to be fine for us.”

The addition of Mixon could prove to be a very positive thing for the Bengals’ offense, when it comes to the on-the-field potential. After looking extremely one-dimensional in 2016, a multi-threat player of Mixon’s talent should open up the field and keep defenses honest. If he can stay out of trouble, there is no doubt he will be an excellent addition to the Bengals’ offensive attack. With that said, it is really encouraging to hear a veteran player like Green is looking out for his new teammate and believes he can help foster a locker room environment that will be nothing but beneficial for the Bengals’ newest running back.


Jeremy Hill, Carlos Dunlap and other Bengals experienced their fair share of mess-ups in college. They were given second chances and have rebounded well. That’s the hope for Joe Mixon, too, as he joins the Bengals.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Bengals got more attention during this year’s NFL Draft than they’re used to, mostly because of the controversial selection of Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon.

The former Oklahoma star was one of the most electrifying runners in college football last season, but no one can forget his 2014 incident in which he punched a woman. Even though that was three years ago, people are having a tough time forgetting about the terrible incident and video of Mixon hitting a woman, but the current Bengals don’t want to see Mixon defined by that terrible situation.

One Bengal who knows all about second chances in Carlos Dunlap. The star defensive end was hit with a DUI during his final season of college, which, like Mixon, led to a first-round talent falling into Round 2 before Cincinnati scooped him up.

Dunlap not only overcame that mistake, but he’s been a star in the NFL while being a great leader on and off-the-field. He hopes that’s the path Mixon is on.

“Second chances are hard to come by, but if you go about it the right way and people have that feeling it was an isolated incident and you’re not going to let it happen again, I think in the right circumstances you deserve a second shot,” Dunlap told My Dayton Daily News. “We’ve got a lot of veterans in here who have made a lot of mistakes and got back on the right path. I think that’s somewhat a comfort for (team ownership) and why they felt like we have the right guys to pull him in the right direction and bump him and keep him on the railroad tracks.”

Mixon has discussed that the Bengals have a support plan in place for him and that he plans to get involved with community service initiatives in Cincinnati.

“You know how that mamma dog, any time the little pup gets away, nudges him a little bit,” Dunlap said. “I think that’s what they felt like they have in this locker room because we have a lot of those guys who have made mistakes when they were younger but they’ve learned from their mistakes.”

Another Bengal who has a troubled past is Jeremy Hill. His long list of mistakes at LSU almost got him kicked off the team, but he bounced back from those and has been a productive NFL player while maturing and avoiding off-field issues.

“It’s definitely a similar situation,” Hill said. “Obviously people throw out the word ‘character.’ Not knowing the person’s character, it’s easy to do that. From what I’ve heard from the coaches and everyone who has spent time with him and been around him they have nothing but great things to say about him. I’m sure I’ll meet him here pretty soon, and I’m sure I’ll have the same feeling about him.”

Even saying all of this, it’s up to Mixon to make sure the terrible thing he did in college won’t define him. It certainly helps to be in a room with guys who’ve made their own mistakes and rebounded from them, so Mixon has hope for continuing his path to redemption in Cincinnati. Getting there won’t be easy, but if he stays on the straight and narrow path, he’ll get there eventually.


The most controversial player in the NFL Draft is already causing controversy in Cincinnati.

The ABC affiliate in the city, which could potentially be airing an NFL wild-card playoff game this season, is calling for a boycott of the Bengals following the team’s selection of Joe Mixon during the second round  of the NFL Draft on Friday.

“Enough is enough, Bengals. We can excuse another season without winning a playoff game. We can’t excuse drafting a player like Joe Mixon,” the station wrote in an editorial. “Instead of buying a Bengals ticket this year, take the $50 or more you would have spent on that ticket and donate the money to a nonprofit that works to prevent violence against women.”

As for Mixon, he sounded thankful that there was a team out there that was willing to take a risk on him.

As likely the most controversial player in the NFL Draft — Mixon was shown punching a woman in the face on a 2014 security video — the former Oklahoma running back had no idea when he was going to be drafted this week, so when the call finally came from the Bengals, he got emotional.

“You know, I am still sitting here crying. I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it,” Mixon said in a conference call, via “You know, I am thankful and very honored to be a part of — to be a Cincinnati Bengal.”

Mixon was viewed as such a risk in the draft  that 28 of the league’s 32 teamsreportedly took him off their draft board. Fortunately for Mixon, the Bengals weren’t one of those teams.

Bengals coach Marvin Lewis has seen the video, which shows Mixon throwing a punch that left Ameila Molitor with several fractured bones in her face, and he’s not trying to downplay what happened.

“I don’t know who isn’t disgusted with what they saw,” Lewis said on Friday.

The Bengals coach then added that it’s time for Mixon to “move forward.”

“That’s one day in a young man’s life, and he’s had to live that since then and he will continue to have to live that, and he gets an opportunity to move forward and write his script from then on,” Lewis said. “It’s come to a conclusion with the young lady. They’ve come to their statements, her statement about how they both could’ve handled the day better. But again, that doesn’t change it.”

Mixon and Molitor reached a civil settlement in the case on April 21, although terms weren’t disclosed. For Mixon, he says the entire incident changed him.

“It changed me a lot as a person, the way you think, the way you carry yourself, go about things,” Mixon said. “I’m going to continue to keep doing the right thing around the community, on and off the field. And I’m going to prove to them why they kept me. Leaving from Oklahoma, I still have their name, at the end of the day. I’m going to do whatever I can to make them proud and make them happy. I’m looking forward to doing that with the Cincinnati Bengals as well.”

For the Bengals, who have a well-known reputation for taking a chance on players who other teams might consider a character risk, Lewis says there wasn’t really any risk with the pick because the team did its homework on Mixon.

“Joe’s situation kind of came to a settlement in all ways this week, which also led us to feel better about the opportunity here and to move forward,” Lewis said. “We’ve done all of our due diligence we can do, time spent interviewing people, everybody around him, everybody around his background, people that have coached at Oklahoma for insight regarding him and how he has carried himself since that day.”

Although many fans will be able to accept Mixon, the pick could end up backfiring if the former Oklahoma running back gets into any trouble while he’s in Cincinnati.



The most controversial player in the 2017 NFL Draft was just taken off the board by the Cincinnati Bengals because well, the Bengals.

Not surprisingly, the 2nd round, 48th overall selection, brought more boos than it did cheers…

The former Oklahoma running back was suspended for an entire season for punching a woman in the face the day he turned 18 as a freshman, breaking four of her bones.

Below is the video of that incident.

Mixon joins the likes of players with behavior issues themselves in Adam “Pacman” Jones and Vontaze Burfict in Cincinnati.

Per Adam Schefter, only four of 32 NFL teams were interested in Mixon, and the team decided Friday that they would take him if the opportunity presented itself.

Despite the second-round selection, Mixon is regarded as one of the most talented prospects.



The Cincinnati Bengals landed two of the most well known players in the draft in first-round wide receiver John Ross, who lit up the Combine with his record-breaking 4.22 40-yard dash, and running back Joe Mixon, who has been in the news as a controversial figure since being charged with assault in 2014.

More serious college fans also might have been aware of defensive ends Jordan Willis and Carl Lawson, whom the Bengals took in the third and fourth rounds, respectively.

But it’s likely most fans don’t know much about the rest of the team’s selections, so here are seven things to know about the final seven players the Bengals drafted Saturday:

Tennessee trend

When the Bengals selected Tennessee wide receiver Josh Malone with their second of three fourth-round picks, it continued a curious trend of players traveling up I-75 to swap shades of orange.

The last four players the Bengals have drafted out of Tennessee have all been wide receivers – Kelley Washington (third round, 2003), Carl Pickens (second round, 1992) and Tim McGee (first round, 1986).

Malone ran an impressive 4.4 40-yard dash at the Combine after catching 11 of his 14 collegiate touchdowns last fall as a junior.

Walk this way

Defensive tackle Ryan Glasgow, the team’s third of three fourth-round picks, is one of three brothers who walked on at the University of Michigan.

His older brother Graham earned a scholarship after his sophomore year and was a third-round pick of the Detroit Lions last year and started 11 games at center and guard. Ryan also earned his scholarship after his second season, and younger brother Jordan, a backup at the hybrid linebacker/safety position Jabrill Peppers played, is hoping to follow the same path as heads into his junior season this fall.

Asked if he knew that Bengals and Lions play this season and that he might get a chance to go head-to-head against Graham, Jake was fully aware.

“Yeah, Christmas eve,” he laughed. “It’s going to be a great Christmas for the Glasgow family.”

Net gain

Jake Elliott began his athletic career trying to avoid putting balls into a net, but the converted tennis player has been aiming for the stringed targets behind the goal post since switching to football and becoming one of the top kickers in the country.

“At a pep rally my freshman year in high school, one of the coaches saw me kicking in some crazy competition and offered for me to come out,” Elliott said. “I kind of brushed it off, but my junior year rolled around and someone from the football team came and grabbed me from the tennis courts. So I decided to go out a week or two before the season and had a great year. Everything kind of rolled from there.”

Elliott not only broke all of Stephen Gostkowski’s records at Memphis, he has 224 for 244 on extra points and field goals of 30 yards or less.

Strange switch

It’s not uncommon to see offensive linemen switch between guard and tackle or guard and center, but Utah’s J.J. Dielman, whom the Bengals took with their second pick in the fifth round, took the rare route from being a two-year starter at tackle to starting at center as senior before suffering a season-ending broken foot in the fifth game.

He said he isn’t sure, or concerned, about what the Bengals have in mind for him.

“We haven’t gotten too deep as to where and what I’m going to play, but I would assume center and the interior position,” he said. “But I’ve spent time at tackle too, so I am down to play wherever, just as long as I play on the O-Line.”

Dielman said he also practiced at guard at times but never took a snap there in a game.

Father’s footsteps

For the second time in his career, Jordan Evans will call his dad’s old stomping grounds home.

Evans, whom the Bengals drafted with their first pick in the sixth round, played linebacker at Oklahoma, where his dad, Scott, was a three-time all-league defensive tackle.

Scott didn’t go on to play for the Bengals the way Jordan will, but he did grow up in Cincinnati before moving to Norman, Okla., as a teenager.

Six ways to six

Houston cornerback Brandon Wilson, whom the Bengals took with their second pick in the sixth round, is a converted running back who scored eight touchdowns six different ways.

Asked about that on his conference call with reporters, Wilson had instant recall.

“I can name all of them,” he said. “My first one was a (missed) field goal return my redshirt freshman year. Then I had two touchdowns — one on a strip/fumble recovery, and then I had an interception for a touchdown. I had two (kickoff) returns for a touchdown, one against Louisville and one against the University of Connecticut. Then I had two rushing touchdowns against Navy.”

“How many is that,” he laughed.

The sixth different way he scored was by returning a blocked field goal.

Stealing Schreck

Buffalo tight end Mason Schreck said his agent had already worked out contract terms for him sign with the Philadelphia Eagles when he found the Bengals were taking him in the seventh round as the 251st of 253 players drafted.

“Not two minutes later, coach Lewis called me and broke the news to me,” Schreck said. “I honestly broke down in tears. I’m so excited — so excited to go to Cincinnati and help this team go in the right direction and help them win a Super Bowl.”

While many sites did not have Schreck listed in the top 30 tight ends available, the Bengals clearly liked him as they brought the 6-5, 258-pounder in for one of their allotted 30 pre-draft player visits.


Detroit Lions general manager expressed great disappointment that Joe Mixon was a Combine snub, but that doesn’t mean they’re interested.

Bob Quinn has made a habit of being tight-lipped regarding just about everything since becoming the Detroit Lions‘ general manager last offseason. That’s why it came as such a surprise that he would be so blunt in stating his disappointment that Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon wasn’t invited to the NFL Combine.

Mixon has been a polarizing prospect after video was made public of at 2014 incident in which he brutally punched a woman in the face.

 Just how interested the Lions might be in actually drafting Mixon has been left to speculation, with Quinn not even willing to say whether or not Mixon will be on their final draft board at all. Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback for this week list four teams most interested in Mixon, with the Lions not among them.

I’m hearing the Oklahoma running back, who had the 2014 incident of punching a female student in the face, has garnered the most interest from Cincinnati, Minnesota, Green Bay and Jacksonville. I won’t be surprised to see the Bengals take Mixon with the 41st overall pick.

Of course, not being among the group of teams “most interested” doesn’t necessarily mean the Lions aren’t interested. It does suggest, however, that there is likely to be a team more willing to make a controversial selection before the Lions.

If King is right and Mixon goes 41st, or somewhere in that range, it may not really matter just how much the Lions were interested in Mixon anyway. Even if they really liked him, it’s exceedingly unlikely they would consider making him the face of their 2017 draft class by making him their first pick and King’s feelers suggest Mixon could come off the board in the time between the Lions’ first and second round picks.

That should come as good news to Lions fans wringing their hands over the prospect of the Lions drafting Mixon. And for those fans who would be OK with drafting Mixon, there shouldn’t be any disappointment on missing out. A deep class of running backs means there are plenty of other options to find a good prospect in the middle rounds.


Mel Kiper Jr. decided to take a chance when making one of his selections for the Detroit Lions in his latest mock draft. In doing so, he took one of the most questionable players in the entire process.

As part of his “Grade A” mock draft – a draft where he plays general manager and picks players based on what he believes the teams need – Kiper took Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon for Detroit with the team’s second-round pick at No. 53.

Read More…

NEW ORLEANS, LA – JANUARY 02: Joe Mixon #25 of the Oklahoma Sooners reacts after a touchdown against the Auburn Tigers during the Allstate Sugar Bowl at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on January 2, 2017 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

Denver needs to pass on misfits in the NFL draft. The Broncos should take running back Christian McCaffrey with the 20th pick in the first round. If Oklahoma’s Joe Mixon is available in the late rounds, then take a chance on him.

– Pete, weighing pros and cons

Kiz: Mixon visited Dove Valley headquarters for a chat, which got all of Broncos Country buzzing. Mixon is the most controversial prospect in the 2017 draft, because he punched a woman in the face three years ago, breaking her jaw. And it was all caught on video. We don’t need to review the tape to know: Everybody deserves a second chance. But if the Broncos pass on McCaffrey and take Mixon later in the draft, it would cause a big stink.

I’m fine with not drafting Mixon, but talent gets a second chance in this league. If you don’t take talent, it beats you. For example: Kansas City Chiefs star Tyreek Hill vs. Denver.

– Joe, NFL draftnik

Kiz: Character doesn’t count on the scoreboard. Never has. Never will.

I get drafting Mixon from a football angle. It would be hard to see it, combined with the hiring of Vance Joseph as Broncos coach, as anything but a slight to women, though.

– Boogie, St. Petersburg, Fla.

Kiz: The Broncos would rather be your Super Bowl champs than your role models.

I’m like any other football fan. What Mixon has done only matters if he isn’t on your team. I root for the decal on the side on the helmet.

– Eric, Lone Tree

Kiz: While many fans declare athletes should be held to a higher standard and it’s a privilege to play in the NFL, how many season-ticket holders would actually surrender their seat privileges if the Broncos drafted Mixon? We all talk a good game. But we are what we do.

I am wondering why the Broncos are saving all this salary-cap space. It feels like the top brass knows this team is still a year away from being important in the Super Bowl chase.

– Adam, Chicago

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