Georgia Southern spent much of the last two seasons as a juggernaut in the Sun Belt. They struggled at times, price but still led the nation in rushing. They plowed through opposing teams and were a joy to watch. It wasn’t just on offense, viagra 100mg either. It was defense, capsule too.

This season, with much of the defensive front 4 and virtually every skill position player returning, there was a lot of reason for optimism. Sure, there was a new coaching staff, but no one could mess up a well-oiled machine, could they?

Well, it turns out they can.

At first, I thought it was only the blocking. Then I started acknowledging the issues with play-calling that at times seemed like throwing darts on a board. Then the defensive tackling began struggling. Now, after a loss at the hands of a struggling ULL Ragin’ Cajuns team, it’s time to admit the truth: this experiment has failed.

Normally, you give a coaching staff at least 3-4 years. Most coaching staffs don’t return an entire offense worth of skill players including two outstanding QBs and three amazing RBs and then proceed to struggle to move the football. I’ve seen the running backs run straight into an offensive line with zero holes in it one too many times.

What makes this worse is the seeming refusal for the coaching staff to take any blame. At halftime of the Arkansas State game, Tyson Summers said the running backs weren’t doing well enough.

The running backs.

The same running backs who ran through everyone for the last two years. No, Tyson. It’s not them. It’s the complete lack of blocking and using them effectively. These players were great before you and your staff got here. They were ready to stay great. They deserve so much better than what you and your staff have done for them.

Look, I get what Athletic Director Tom Kleinlein wanted. He wanted a coach who wanted to be in Statesboro. He didn’t want a coach who would jump at the first opportunity in a year or two. He didn’t want the coaching carousel that teams like Arkansas State have had over the last few seasons.



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