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“All Gas, No Brakes.”

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

The Facons excel at coming up with new ways to motivate themselves under Dan Quinn, and one of the ways they’ve done so is multiple slogans, mantras, and inspirational sayings that help to rally the team together. Personally, I’m a fan of the latest one.

The “All Gas, No Brakes” slogan neatly wraps up Dan Quinn’s entire philosophy, but it actually originated with linebacker LaRoy Reynolds. The Falcons are a team that wants to fly around the field, never stop running, and maybe play right up to the whistle and juuuuust a little beyond. Ricardo Allen lends us some more context below.

Falcons free safety Ricardo Allen talks about the team’s latest slogan of “All Gas, No Brakes” going into Sunday… 

 coach Dan Quinn breaks down the “All Gas, No breaks” slogan the team has embraced. LB LaRoy Reynolds came up with it.

After a little bit of a sluggish effort against the Bears, especially on the offensive side of the ball, this particular motto is a good one to embrace against an aggressive, attacking Packers team. Green Bay put up 21 points in the NFC Conference Championship Game (against 44 points for Atlanta!) and just 17 points against the Seahawks in Week 1, so speedy, effective play on both sides of the ball could make this one easier than expected.

Just, you know, don’t drive like that.

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The Falcons appear to have escaped the game without any serious injuries.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons came into preseason Week 3 needing to do just three things against the Arizona Cardinals. In no particular order, those three things were:

  • Not ruin the nice new field at Mercedes-Benz Stadium;
  • Make sure the players they need to evaluate got playing time;
  • Avoid major injuries.

I’d say they checked all three of those boxes, with the last one being particularly critical. The Falcons did inevitably lose some players along the way, but none of them were starters, and none of them appear to have suffered the kinds of injuries that threaten a season, at least at first glance.

First, we had LaRoy Reynolds, who exited the game very early after hurting his shoulder on the opening kickoff. Reynolds is a reserve linebacker, but he’s a solid one who also is one of the core veteran pieces of Keith Armstrong’s special teams units, so he’s a useful player the Falcons would rather not lose. With any luck, he’ll be back in action for the regular season opener.

Falcons LB LaRoy Reynolds has a shoulder injury – Return to the game is “questionable”

Next, there’s Brian Hill. The fifth round rookie back had a better game this time around but was still arguably outplayed by Terron Ward, who has shown a remarkable ability to stick around and also seems to get better every year. If the ankle injury Hill suffered is enough to knock him out for multiple weeks, the team may be tempted to stash him on injured reserve so they can keep Ward and worry about Hill next year. Failing that, they’re going to have to decide whether they want to build a roster with four backs (unlikely), or risk losing Hill if they want to keep Ward. Tough call.

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