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Home games are always vital

Andrew from West Allis, WI

Sorry to hear about Perry’s hand, but I’m super-excited to see the cast-petting celebration as soon as he’s cleared to play. What’s your favorite player celebration and who did it?

Billy “White Shoes” Johnson with the funky chicken dance, followed by the splits and the behind-the-back fake throw. You can’t beat it.

Daniel from Copenhagen, Denmark

It seems like the Inbox is still lingering on the Atlanta game. Let’s really get on to Cincinnati. What is the key to winning this game? Is it just containing A.J. Green or is it something more?

It’s the Packers playing like the Packers. This game isn’t about the Bengals, it’s about the Packers. That means containing the run, winning the turnover battle, and making more big plays than the opponent. That’s McCarthy football.

Corey from Mooresville, NC

I know the Bengals offense hasn’t been clicking as of late and with the new offensive coordinator. Do you see them trying to run the ball more against the Packers?

Yes. I’ve had that feeling all week, and McCarthy confirmed it on Thursday. There’s no better way to rebuild a foundation for a struggling quarterback than to give him a running game, and the Bengals have three backs they can turn to.

Amanda from Villa Rica, GA

Every week I find myself getting more and more excited for game day as the days go by. This week is no exception. Now I know that it’s only Week 3 and we play our best football in December, but how important is a win against the Bengals?

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It didn’t take long in 2017 for QB Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay’s offense to capitalize in a big way

GREEN BAY – It’s no secret why the Packers have been so effective for so long when it comes to harvesting free plays and turning those opportunities into points.

At least, not in Jordy Nelson’s mind.

“Our quarterback,” says the Packers receiver, matter-of-factly.

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers’ offense were at it again during Sunday’s 17-9 win over Seattle, cultivating three free-play opportunities off Seahawk penalties in the second half.

Two offside penalties resulted in a simple five extra yards, but the third – a 12-man-on-the-field call on Seahawks linebacker Terence Garvin – was an absolute game-changer.

Driving into Seattle territory, Rodgers had just completed a short pass to Ty Montgomery on second-and-4. The Packers didn’t change their personnel, but briefly huddled in preparation for what was a critical third down with Green Bay clinging to a 7-6 lead at the time.

That’s when the Packers noticed Garvin running to the sideline. Rodgers said the magic word and guys rushed back to the line of scrimmage. With Garvin two steps from the sideline, center Corey Linsley delivered the ball to Rodgers and the flag was thrown.

Nelson, lined up in the slot out of a bunch formation, knifed between the coverage of linebacker Bobby Wagner and safety Earl Thomas to haul in the 32-yard touchdown.

“We just wanted the penalty and then everyone just went crazy. It’s almost recess all over again,” Nelson said. “You try to find an open area and get up there as soon as possible. There wasn’t anything special. I think Randall (Cobb) and I were able to stretch Earl Thomas a little bit and got on him.

“They weren’t obviously prepared and set up the way they want to be set up, so that’s why we do it and we want to keep them on the field as much as possible.”

While Nelson chalks up a bulk of the credit to Rodgers’ awareness and command of the huddle, it’s an area Head Coach Mike McCarthy places an emphasis on during training camp.

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GREEN BAY, Wisc. (WBAY) There’s no undrafted rookie making as much noise in camp as Michael Clark. The Packers basketballer turned wide receiver is becoming a human highlight reel.

“Football is totally new to me,” said Packers wide receiver Michael Clark.

He may be raw talent, but in his three weeks with the team, Clark has already done something the rest of the rookies have not—catch a touchdown pass at Lambeau Field.

“This is my second year playing. I played last year, and going this year this is my second year playing, you know I’m on the biggest stage of professional football,” said Clark, “…still learning the game cause you know I’m still scratching the surface on my talent but just keep showing improvement and ultimately them trusting in me.”

The preseason is all about capitalizing on opportunity, something Clark understands. He played just 17 snaps against Philly and made two catches on three targets for 19 yards with one touchdown.

“When I look at the preseason games it’s about trying to create as many situations as possible for your players,” said Packer Head Coach Mike McCarthy, “…so it’s not as much about beating the other guy, it’s more about putting your players in position to compete.”

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Practices will be about preparing for opponents now

GREEN BAY — This is transition week for the Packers in training camp.

With the playbook installation completed Saturday during Family Night, the Packers will begin preparing for their first preseason opponent on Monday. The Philadelphia Eagles visit Lambeau Field on Thursday night.

“You direct the game plan toward everybody that’s playing,” McCarthy said. “You have a general idea of what your opponent is going to do based on last year, but they’ve obviously gone through an offseason and may change direction. It’s to give our guys an idea of what they’re going against.

“This is starting the process of preparing for a football game.”

Practices will feature periods with either the offense or defense running scout-team looks, or opponent plays. Whichever side is running the scout team, an assistant coach will hold up a diagrammed card in the huddle so the players know their formation and assignment to give their teammates the best possible imitation of the opponent.

Film from Family Night was studied and reviewed with the players on Monday morning. McCarthy said fourth-year TE Richard Rodgers, who had a productive practice, is having his best training camp to date.

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