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Last night, Chicago traded up to take North Carolina quarterback Mitch Trubisky with the second overall pick, enraging Bears fans but absolutely delighting this Packers fan who turned up at the draft party to, presumably, mock his conference rivals.

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CLEVELAND, Ohio — Mitch Trubisky is still under serious consideration by the Browns at No. 1, league sources tell

Despite that Browns head of football operations Sashi Brown gave strong vibes during his pre-draft press conference Wednesday that the Browns have zeroed in on Myles Garrett, they’re still strongly considering taking Trubisky there, sources say.

The feeling on the part of the front office, sources say, is that the Browns are ready to draft their quarterback of the future and might not want to risk losing him if they try to trade up or hope he falls to them at No. 12.

Sources have told that the 49ers also like Trubisky and might take him at No. 2. “Don’t be surprised,” said one.

If that’s the case, the Browns would likely turn to DeShaun Watson or Patrick Mahomes. But if they believe that Trubisky can be their franchise quarterback, and some in the organization apparently do, they might want to pull the trigger at No. 1.

As reported here last week, Hue Jackson is firmly in the Myles Garrett camp at No. 1, and so is new defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. The coaches want a surefire gamechanger who can help them win right away, and Jackson said as much at the NFL owners meetings last month. Trubisky, while he shows promise, will need time after starting only 13 games at North Carolina.

But the Browns front office, led by Brown and Chief Strategy Officer Paul DePodesta, are taking some of their cues from former Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson, who turned his team around with Troy Aikman, the No. 1 pick in 1989. The Cowboys went 1-15 that year, but jumped to 7-9 in 1990 and 11-5 and a playoff berth in 1991. Over the next four seasons, they won three Super Bowls, and Aikman established himself as a Hall of Fame quarterback.

The thinking in the front office is that the Browns traded down last year — away from potential franchise quarterback Carson Wentz at No. 2 — and stockpiled high picks with which to rebuild the team. They also positioned themselves to draft their franchise quarterback this year, and are now possibly poised to do it.

During his pre-draft presser, Browns said the Browns have just about finalized their decision at No. 1 and “not much” can make them change their minds. Everyone assumed he was talking about Garrett, widely regarded as the top talent in the draft. But sources say he may have been referring to Trubisky, the former Ohio Mr. Football from Mentor.

“We feel good about where we’re going to be and who we’re going to pick there (at No. 1),” Brown said. “We’ve narrowed it down. We feel good about where we are.”

So good, in fact, that they’ve rebuffed suitors for the pick.

“We have received calls,” said Browns. “We haven’t resigned ourselves one way or the other. We feel really good about picking at one and I’ll leave it at that.”

Brown also vowed not to reveal the pick until the Browns are on the clock on Thursday night, meaning the drama will continue to build.

Perhaps all of the Trubisky speculation is a smokescreen to keep teams guessing and drum up interest in the pick. But sources say the interest is real, and that the Browns might not want to risk having to trade up to get him. One source said he doesn’t expect Trubisky to get past the Jets at No. 6.

“We’re open to (trading back up),” said Brown. “Generally we value picks. … We like young talent. We’ve said the draft is going to be the pipeline. So we don’t want to get into a habit of turning two picks into one, so to speak.

“(B)ut (that) does not mean that if there was a player there we might not go take a shot. We think we’re positioned to be able to do that without impacting our draft too much.”

If the Browns try to go from No. 12 to No. 5, the Titans will undoubtedly drive a hard bargain. Last year, they gave the Browns a 2016 third-rounder and a 2017 second-rounder to move up from No. 15 to No. 8.

According to Johnson’s original trade value chart, it would take one of the Browns’ two second-round picks to move up from from No. 12 to No. 5. But according to the newer Harvard chart developed by Browns analytics expert Kevin Meers, the Browns would only have to surrender a fifth-rounder — which the Titans would probably reject.

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CLEVELAND, Ohio — Hey, Mary Kay!

Hey Mary Kay: Which situation would YOU prefer…Trade 12, 33, and two second-round picks next year for Jimmy Garappolo; or get Mitchell Trubisky at 12 (or trade up to ensure getting him) and use the draft capital we have?   — Andre, Mililani, Hawaii

Hey, Andre: I would prefer the first option. I think landing Jimmy Garoppolo would enable the Browns to start winning right away, and that’s imperative for everyone. That would give them Myles Garrett to transform the defense and Garoppolo to change the offense. In this scenario, they’d have enough picks left to draft a lot of good players. It’s a very deep draft, and they five picks in the first 65. By next season, I’m sure they’ll end up with even more 2018 picks.

I also like Mitch Trubisky, but it will take him a little while to adapt to the pro game, and the Browns don’t have time on their side. There’s no guarantee he’ll be there at 12, and I doubt the Browns want to give up too much to go back up and grab him. But as I’ve said many times before, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if they ended up with both Garoppolo and Trubisky somehow. But if I had to pick one, it’s Garoppolo.

Hey, Mary Kay: What do you think of Hue Jackson and Sashi Brown skipping Deshaun Watson’s Pro Day? — Ben Jones, Macon, Ga.

Hey, Ben: I didn’t have a problem with it, because they’ll do a private visit and workout with Watson. Besides, the Browns had representatives at the Watson Pro Day to see how he looked and interacted with coaches, teammates and NFL personnel. Hue Jackson and Sashi Brown made better use of their time by working out another QB prospect that day. The private workouts are so much more beneficial.

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INDIANAPOLIS – The Browns are strongly considering drafting hometown boy Mitch Trubisky No. 1 overall, league sources tell

Trubisky, the Mentor, Ohio, native, checked off one of Hue Jackson’s major boxes Thursday when he measured 6-foot-2 1/8 at the NFL Combine.

One top NFL personnel executive told Thursday that he’d definitely take Trubisky No. 1 now that he measured over 6-1. “He’s got size,
he can move, he sees the field, has a big arm and more upside than Carson Wentz last year. They’d be set,” he said.

Scouts had told NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock that Trubisky would be closer to6-1 than the 6-3 he’s listed at in his North Carolina bio.

Most draft experts, including Jackson’s good friend Mike Silver of NFL Network, have the Browns taking Texas A&M pass-rusher Myles Garrett No. 1 overall, but that’s not a lock.

“I’m almost positive that they’ll do the no-brainer thing at No. 1 and take Myles Garrett, the very talented pass rusher out of Texas A&M,” Silver said on NFL Network Wednesday. “It’s early in the Combine, but the more I talk to talent evaluators that I respect, the more that I realize this is even more of a slam dunk in those people’s minds than Jadeveon Clowney a few years back. They’re thinking this is a generational pass rusher that has so much talent off the edge.

“Not only is he the clearcut choice at No. 1, but there is no obvious No. 2 sitting there. It’s a draft where people think 2 and 25 could be about the same range of players. Very deep draft at the top but not crazy top-heavy. The top-heavy is Myles Garrett and whatever quarterback you may fall in love with.”

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Would Jimmy Garoppolo provide a team a more ready-now option at quarterback than one found in the draft? Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — If New England Patriots quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo were available to be selected in the 2017 NFL draft, where would he go? That scenario is thought-provoking, especially with a potential trade of Garoppolo (No. 62 overall pick in 2014) one of the hot-button storylines for the Patriots this offseason.

With that as a backdrop, I listened to NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock’s 135-minute conference call previewing the combine, and here were some of the Garoppolo-specific nuggets:

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It might be the worst-kept secret in college football this spring.

Despite entering his fourth year in the North Carolina program, unhealthy despite being the only UNC quarterback with any experience, sales and despite performing well in the team’s April 16 spring game, Coach Larry Fedora isn’t handing the starting job to Trubisky.

At least not yet.

Asked by reporters following the spring game about Trubisky, a Mentor graduate, Fedora said, “He didn’t miss many throws. I thought he did a good job.”

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