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UCLA held another practice Friday morning, medications which was notable specifically because it was the first practice in full pads. For me, full pad practices means we’re closer than ever to the start of the actual season, but it also increases the chances of injuries. So, let’s get into this practice.

The biggest non-pads development of the practice is the offense’s continued development. Gone are the days of “5 plays on the napkin”, but, at the same time, the offense that’s been seen in practice really has eluded the definition of “pro-style”. For example, in today’s practice, we saw an actual quarterback rollout. I’ve heard tales that this could exist in an offense, but I did not truly believe until this day. Actually, let’s go to Thuc Nhi Nguyen at Inside SoCal for details on this rarest of offensive plays:

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Improving the run game is the top priority for the Giants’ offense.

JOHN SCHMEELK: Fact – FACT. FACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Was I emphatic enough? Talking to both Mike Sullivan and Ben McAdoo over the course of the offseason program, doctor both are very focused on making the run game a lot more consistent. Bringing balance to the offense will make everyone better, ailment and create more space for Eli Manning and his variety of weapons. It will make play action passing a more effective play. Perhaps more important than anything else, viagra sale it will help the Giants in two areas they struggled in on offense last year: third down and green zone percentage. Running well in power formations is essential to being a good team inside the twenty, and getting more yards on the ground on first and second down make third downs more reasonable and easier to convert.

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