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What stood out in the Cardinals 18-15 win over the 49ers?

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

In the ugliest game so far in this young season, the Cardinals somehow managed to eek out a win. Like, I literally had this entire article ready to go, assuming the Cards were going to lose (because that’s what I’ve been conditioned to after 20 years of Cardinals football).

With that shameful admission, I deflect with this: Larry Fitzgerald, I am so glad the Cardinals drafted you. The greatest Cardinal to ever wear the uniform.

The Good:

Well somehow they won. Phil Dawson was perfect on the day.

The J. Browns had a fantastic day. Having John back was huge for the passing game, and Jaron had an incredible day. Tough catches and forcing penalties are a big reason the Cardinals won today.

Andre Ellington should have had a TD, and if the offensive line wasn’t an assembly of bums off Van Buren, he would have had a career day. The 9 receptions (including a sick 1 hander), 86 yards in the air, plus a paltry 18 on the ground got the re-surging Ellington over a 100 yards on the day.

The Bad:

The offensive line is going to get a lot of hate this week. I really like my “bums from Van Buren” comment so I want to highlight that. They aren’t in the ugly column because they had a first time starter at LG and a backup LT and somehow did enough to give Palmer enough time to hit Larry for the game winning TD.

The secondary looks good on paper, but if you add in all those easy drops the 49ersWRs/TEs/Rbs had, it could have been an even uglier day. The defense is too predictable at times but did enough, against a better QB they would have been spit roasted.

The run game. Read: Offensive line, bums, etc, above.

Palmer taking that many hits is scary. Just what else is there to say.

The Ugly:

Markus Golden’s injury. I really hope it’s a sprain and not what we all dread. He hasn’t been racking up sacks, but he’s been getting pressures and solid in the run game. Would be a big loss.

Penalties: Almost cost the Cardinals the game in overtime. Just too many dumb penalties.

The Cardinals chances at a winning season. If they can barely squeak by an 0-3 team at home, then what hope is there to win against the EaglesBuccaneers and Rams in the next three games? The offensive line needs to be figured out, but with the injuries, it doesn’t look good.

What was your good, bad and ugly this week?

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The Baltimore Ravens beat the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday to take first place in the AFC North. A strip sack of Andy Dalton effectively ended the game, look but the Bengals still had two timeouts when the Ravens retook possession with roughly a minute left in the game. The Ravens didn’t want to give the Bengals a chance to run another offensive play, sildenafil much less potentially block a punt, so head coach John Harbaugh got clever.

On fourth-and-8 with 11 seconds left in the game, punter Sam Koch took the long snap … and just held the ball. Up front, the Ravens blockers did everything they could to make sure Bengals rushers couldn’t get to Koch, even if it meant committing egregious holding fouls.

No game can end on a defensive penalty. That’s not the case for offensive penalties, however. If the Bengals could have accepted the penalties, they would have had a chance to block a backed-up Ravens punting unit, but the Ravens were able to run out the clock. They earned a 19-14 win after Koch finally took a safety.

This isn’t the first time the Ravens have pulled this move. They also did it in Super Bowl XLVII against the San Francisco 49ers. In that game, Koch took the snap with 12 seconds remaining in the game and was able to milk eight seconds off the clock as he milled around in the end zone.

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CHARLOTTE – After Monday’s practice, unhealthy head coach Ron Rivera said he “feels good” about the state of his team through two preseason games, but there are plenty of wrinkles to iron out before the regular season begins.

“I still believe we have a long ways to go,” Rivera said. “There are some things we most certainly can clean up and get better at.”

First and foremost, Rivera wants to see better execution in the red zone on both sides of the ball.

“Any time you get into the red zone, instead of kicking field goals, score touchdowns,” Rivera said. “Any time you allow them to get to your red zone, make them kick field goals.”

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