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They say their infant was rushed to the hospital after a pole came crashing down and hit the baby’s head.

Three-month-old Julian Trujillo spent five hours in the hospital on Sunday, according to his father, Richard Trujillo. Trujillo said it was before kick-off, a metal pole that was being torn down in a kids area came crashing down.

“It ended up falling as I was walking and hitting him on the side of the head,” Richard Trujillo said.

What’s worse, he said there was no urgency from the staff in getting them help.

“He (staffer) walked us into the stadium and his concern was scanning our tickets first,” Trujillo said.

Monique Trujillo, the baby’s mother said he was screaming and crying at this point.

Nearly an hour later, Richard Trujillo says the baby was taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital by ambulance.

“They (stadium) also told us it would not be covered and this would be on our hands and we’d have to cover it, but it was not our fault,” Trujillo said.

Trujillo said the hospital staff told them the baby may have a concussion, but it’s hard to know in a child this young.

Trujillo says he talked to the head of stadium operations today and he offered to pay for the medical expenses. They’re hoping the flight from Albuquerque, tickets to the game and hotel costs will also be taken care of.

Cardinals spokesperson Mark Dalton sent us this statement on behalf of the team:

We are obviously very concerned and feel terrible what happened to the Trujillo family during their visit to University of Phoenix Stadium. We are in the process of gathering the reports and other information from the individuals involved to understand exactly what took place. We communicated with the family both Sunday and today to again express our concern and to let us know of any medical expenses as well as others incurred from missing the game so that we can reimburse them.

“To get him to his first game was a big thing. We were hoping to remember this for all the right reasons, not all the wrong reasons,” Richard Trujillo said.

Bidwill, Cardinals work to make sure game day fun is optimal

Cardinals president Michael Bidwill speaks in the new Bubble Lounge during a press tour Saturday at University of Phoenix Stadium.
When University of Phoenix Stadium was opened in 2006, it was state of the art.

The Cardinals are constantly working to make sure it remains that way.

“Every year we are doing things and looking at things,” team president Michael Bidwill said during a tour of the most recent upgrades. “We are prioritizing. You spend your money wisely, in terms of operational issues and safety and security needs, technological upgrades. Some of those things we have been doing aren’t very visible to the fans but they do impact the fan experience.”

Other things are visible, like what Bidwill showed off in a walkthrough Saturday prior to the Cardinals’ game against the Bears. In the first phase of a two-phase club level renovation costing a total of $28 million, the main hospitality lounges were upgraded, new lofts called 50 East and 50 West were added, the Flight Lounge was created and the team put in the first champagne bar in the NFL, called the Bubble Lounge.

Hosting the NCAA basketball Final Four prevented all the stadium construction from happening in one offseason. Phase two of the project will take place after the 2017 season. Also at that time, the Cardinals will build additional parking south of Bethany Home Road, including pedestrian access to that area.

Many of the club upgrades have targeted women. With women comprising 46 percent of the NFL audience, Bidwill said the Cardinals wanted to make some of the new space female-friendly.

For example, tastes have changed in the 12 years the stadium has been opened, Bidwill said. A desire for more wine, sparkling wines and craft beer pushed the Cards to add many more taps.

There were also two giant video boards added behind the bar in each of the two main lounge areas – boards large enough that they were originally designed to be used in the inner bowl of a stadium.

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Two Arizona Cardinals rookies stand out as H.O.F game approaches

As the game approaches there are two Arizona Cardinals rookies I’m especially looking forward to watching tonight.  Both should see plenty of action.

T.J. Logan, North Carolina Tar Heels: 2,165 rushing yards with 19 rushing touchdowns as well as 663 receiving yards and 4 receiving touchdowns. Although his statistics aren’t eye popping T.J has blazing speed, clocking a 4.37 40 yard dash. That was the fastest time of all half backs who participated in the combine, including Stanford star Christian McCaffrey. Arizona is deep in depth at the position behind David Johnson, but I see a roster spot for Logan, especially on Special Teams. T.J Logan was spectacular as a kick returner for North Carolina, posting 2,098 kick return yards with an average of 27.2 yards per return. He also brought 4 to the house, I’m sure we will see some of that flash on kick-off tonight.

GLENDALE, AZ – DECEMBER 04: Head coach Bruce Arians of the Arizona Cardinals looks at his play chart while standing on the sideline during the second quarter against the Washington Redskins at University of Phoenix Stadium on December 4, 2016 in Glendale, Arizona. (Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images)

Trevor Knight, Texas A&M: 5,856 passing yards with 44 touchdowns to 26 interceptions. Once again not the greatest statistics, which shows why Knight was un-drafted but none the less talent is there. Everyone wants to talk about the position battle between Blaine Gabbert and Drew Stanton. With Knight playing a full half tonight I have a feeling many plays will be made causing Gabbert to sweat. Obviously Arizona will only keep three quarterbacks on the roster but a spot on the practice squad is almost guaranteed due to depth at the position. With plenty of talent on the second and third team wide receiver group Knight should have minimal trouble making plays tonight.

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The Arizona Cardinals are about to embark on their 30th season in the desert

Hard to believe the Arizona Cardinals are about to go to training camp for the 30th time since they moved from St. Louis in 1988.  This will be the fifth camp held at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale.

After the first 25 Cards Camps in Flagstaff, Arizona, the teams moved the camp closer to fans and the players homes.  Now instead of dorm rooms, they sleep in hotel rooms during training camp.

It’s not a bad deal for fans or players.  Although Flagstaff is missed dearly.  When I worked for the Cardinals during training camp, I loved being in the pines.

However there is something cool about the team practicing close to home in their home stadium. Why not get the younger players used to their game day venue?

There is something about going north and making a weekend out of a trip and boosting the economy of Flagstaff.  There is also something to be said though about being able to go attend a practice on moment’s notice.

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