When the Tennessee Titans started their offseason workouts on April 17, coach Mike Mularkey was at a loss to explain why second-year running back Derrick Henry hadn’t reported.

Except for a three-day minicamp, all workouts by NFL teams between the end of one season and the start of training camp for the next are voluntary for veteran players. But with Henry one of the two Titans not in attendance, Mularkey was asked to explain the former Alabama star’s absence, and he couldn’t.

Mularkey knows now that Henry is enrolled in classes at the University of Alabama, working on completing his undergraduate degree. But during a press conference on Tuesday, Mularkey said he never reached out to Henry, as he had said he “probably” would on April 17 to see what was up.

“I didn’t reach out to Derrick,” Mularkey said during the Titans’ pre-draft press conference on Tuesday. “All the players know our schedule, know what we’re doing daily, and I didn’t feel like I needed to follow up. He’s been informed, as everybody has.”

Mularkey said Henry’s status with the team was “great” and, while he hadn’t heard from the running back, he would “absolutely” talk with Henry if he got a call.

Mularkey said Henry was under no obligation to explain to the team why he wasn’t at voluntary workouts.

“He doesn’t have to,” Mularkey said. “None of them have to. So, again, we’ve got a good group going on, working right now. He’s, from what I understand, he’s in school, and I don’t think there’s anything negative about that.”

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