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Notable Week 4 Pro Football Focus grades for the Tennessee Titans.

After two impressive wins over the Jacksonville Jaguars and Seattle Seahawks we saw the horrific play from the Tennessee Titans in Week 4. This game could have been a statement win and could have given the Titans the ability to take over the AFC South. In all three phases of the game, execution was poor and the beatdown by the Houston Texans resulted in the offense moving away from the game plan.

Some may say that Watson could be the real deal, but could it have been the terrible scheming from the Titans? Even though the Titans’ defense was on the field for 84 games and gave up 57 points, there was some good to match the bad. According to Pro Football Focus, below are the Titans’ top five players on Sunday.

Top Five Overall Grades

DL Jurrell Casey, Overall Grade: 87.5

OLB Brian Orakpo, Overall Grade: 82.4

WR Rishard Matthews, Overall Grade: 80.0

DL Sylvester Williams, Overall Grade: 79.8

ILB Wesley Woodyard, Overall Grade: 79.3

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Four Tennessee Titans players to watch for in Week 3. 

It is always a great week coming off a win, but the Tennessee Titans will face a tough test on Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks.

Of course, Seattle’s offense hasn’t been clicking just yet, but you can never count outRussell Wilson making a few big plays each game. Also, their defense is as a good as ever and will keep them in every game.

And like each week, here are four Titans to look for.

Jurrell Casey

We are only two weeks into the season, but Jurrell Casey has just two tackles so far. This could be the week where he gets back on track and shows how much of a dominating force he is.

The Seahawks offensive line is one of the worst in the NFL and we should see Casey constantly beating his man and causing havoc in the backfield. Look for him to have a couple of tackles for a loss and a ton of pressure on Wilson.

Derrick Henry

With DeMarco Murray aggravating his hamstring injury, that could open the door forDerrick Henry to be the lead back this week. Against the Jacksonville Jaguars, he had 14 carries, 92 yards, and a touchdown.

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NASHVILLE, TN- SEPTEMBER 10: Wide receiver Corey Davis #84 of the Tennessee Titans runs the ball against the Oakland Raiders in the first half at Nissan Stadium on September 10, 2017 In Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) )

Corey Davis could show his versatility off for the Tennessee Titans.

Today is a day to see how intelligent the Tennessee Titans coaching staff is.

The Jacksonville Jaguars defense has very good players at cornerback and in the front seven. Where they are weak is in the middle, with their linebackers and safeties.

What an intelligent coaching staff would do, is scheme up something to get Corey Davis or Rishard Matthews in the slot against weaker competition.

I would imagine that if the Jaguars prefer to shadow players, they will stick Jalen Ramsey on Rishard Matthews and A.J. Boyue on whoever the other boundary WR is.

The smart thing to do would be to put Eric Decker or Taywan Taylor on the outside and allow Corey Davis to abuse slot corners, linebackers and safeties in space.

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Payback was sweet for the Tennessee Titans in a 37-16 rout of the Jaguars Sunday in Jacksonville.

The Jags ended the Titans playoff hopes with a week 16 upset last season that also ended Marcus Mariota’s season with a broken leg. But on Sunday, Mariota threw for 215 yards and a touchdown in the game.

Both offenses struggled in the first half, but a pair of Ryan Succop field goals (40,41 yards) gave the Titans a 6-3 lead at the break.

The second half was all Tennessee. The Titans defense completely took the game over in the third quarter when DaNorris Searcy picked off Blake Bortles to give the offense the ball on the Jaguars 39 yard line.

The Jags defense held the Titans to their third field goal of the game when Succop connected from 26 yards to make it 9-3.

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JACKSONVILLE, FL – SEPTEMBER 17: Taywan Taylor #13 of the Tennessee Titans makes a catch in front of A.J. Bouye #21 of the Jacksonville Jaguars during the second half of their game at EverBank Field on September 17, 2017 in Jacksonville, Florida. (Photo by Logan Bowles/Getty Images)

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly from the Tennessee Titans’ win.

The Tennessee Titans beat the Jacksonville Jaguars 37-16 in Week 2 of the NFL season. This was a very important game for both teams. The win improves the Titans to a 1-1 record with a 1-0 record in the division.

Although the score was fairly high, this one got off to a slow start. The Jaguars put points on the board first with a field goal. However, it was the Titans who had the lead by halftime. The Titans ended the first half with a 6-3 lead. Here is the good, the bad, and the ugly from this game.

The Good.

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NASHVILLE, TN – NOVEMBER 13: Running back DeMarco Murray #29 of the Tennessee Titans rushes against Datone Jones #95 of the Green Bay Packers during the first half at Nissan Stadium on November 13, 2016 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images)

Where do the Tennessee Titans stand in the NFL power rankings?

It is that time of year again. The Tennessee Titans take their inaugural spot in NFL Power Rankings.

I will look at different rankings throughout the year, but right now the ones that catch my eye are and Bleacher Report.

Here is where each on has the Titans to start the season.

“When it comes to the young quarterbacks in the league, give me Marcus Mariota. For all the Jameis Winston and Carson Wentz hype, it still seems as though fans are sleeping on the Titans quarterback. Not in fantasy, where Mariota’s legs are absolutely a factor. Yet, his improvement, aligned with the additions of rookie receiver Corey Davis and veteran pass catcher Eric Decker, should make Tennessee the favorite in the AFC South. Now, that important third preseason game against the Bears? That sucked. And that, my friends, is the question: How much will the Titans play down to their opponents?”

-Elliot Harrison

Harrison nailed the Titans analysis for much of last season. He praised the right things and was cautious about the right things.

That trend seems to repeat itself now as he has sort of nailed what I think the Titans are.

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NASHVILLE, TN – AUGUST 27: Adoree’ Jackson #25 of the Tennessee Titans pursues Kendall Wright #13 of the Chicago Bears during the first half at Nissan Stadium on August 27, 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images)

Is it time for one of the Tennessee Titans first round picks to shine?

Adoree Jackson is going to be a dynamic playmaker for the Tennessee Titans.

Now, the one question I have is whether he will be Marcus Peters, Cordarelle Patterson or something in between.

There isn’t much Adoree Jackson has going for him. He has rare change of direction and sub 4.4 straight line speed. In college, he amassed a ton of pass deflections and interceptions when QBs dared to throw it at him.

As a return man, he was one of the most dynamic players in recent history scoring on 6% of his returns. Which means that if he had 20 punts and/or kickoffs sent his way in a season he would score at least once (during that time).

So, I don’t worry about him making an impact on the field. However, after last week you could understand if he was a little upset.

That isn’t the case though according to Jim Wyatt and his game preview for this week:

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KANSAS CITY, MO – DECEMBER 18: Quarterback Marcus Mariota #8 of the Tennessee Titans in action during the game against the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium on December 18, 2016 in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

The Tennessee Titans visit the Kansas City Chiefs for the final preseason game of 2017. Here’s everything you need to know.

The Tennessee Titans followed up an impressive performance against the Carolina Panthers with a depressing effort against the Chicago Bears last weekend. The Titans couldn’t get anything going on offense and Mike Glennon, with help from Kendall Wright, carved up the Titans’ first-string defense.

In the final game of preseason, the Titans will take on the Kansas City Chiefs on the road. Though head coach Mike Mularkey has stated that “everyone will play”, odds are most starters won’t play. If they do, they won’t get more than a series or two. The Chiefs are not expected to play their starters.

There are plenty of back-of-the-roster players who are worth watching closely in this game, particularly cornerback Kalan Reed and wide receiver Tre McBride. Both players have had very strong offseasons and preseasons and have made a serious case for a roster spot. Players like Kevin Dodd have not, on the other hand, and will need a good game to leave the coaching staff with a positive impression.

Where and When

The game will be played at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. Kickoff is set for 7:30 p.m. CT, although kickoff is usually delayed about five to seven minutes.

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People are talking about the wrong players as the Tennessee Titans surprise cut.

For all the hot take that we have had over the last few weeks, none got more traction than Tajae Sharpe as a possible surprise cut for the Tennessee Titans.

I get that they are tight at that position, but I just don’t see any way that he is a cut.

For one thing, if the Tennessee Titans wanted to cut him, they could have just put him on IR with his foot injury and he wouldn’t have counted against the roster.

They could have had him as a developmental type player and a possible replacement for Eric Decker if they don’t re-sign him.

Another reason why is he has just been too talented and productive. He is one of a handful of Titans that have had 500 receiving yards or more in their rookie season.

He met every reasonable goal that the Titans could have asked for and he came on late in the season, showing that there was upside to look at.

On top of all that he is young and cheap, two things that help you build a roster down the road.

So no, I don’t think Sharpe will be the cut. I do however have my thoughts about who could be the Titans surprise cut.

This is my list from least, to most surprising.

5. David Fluellen

Likelihood: Medium

-Fluellen looks really good as a running back, but I just don’t know that this team can afford to keep four running backs (if you include Jalston Fowler).

Now, I will say that he has made a strong case, but the general consensus is that he doesn’t do anything really on special teams (I know he had a tackle Saturday) and he might not even be active on gamedays.

Guys like that are already on the fringe. Speaking of which…

4. Harry Douglas

Likelihood: Medium

-If you have heard me on the Titansized podcast you know that I don’t want the Titans to cut Douglas. I think he is consistent and a reliable presence that Marcus Mariota can lean on in the passing game.

He is a high-end backup wide receiver in the NFL and he is a great presence in the locker room. I think they would really like to keep him even give his age, salary and special teams limitations.

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Every year the good people over at Football Outsiders put out their Almanac. It is a huge book that has volumes and volumes of good information on every NFL team. They also have a piece on fantasy football that really good. You can order the Almanac here.

Tom Gower once again wrote the section on the Titans. He was nice enough to answer 5 questions that Michael Herndon sent him about our favorite team. Enjoy!

1. The 2016 Titans were among the best in the NFL on both 3rd downs and in the red zone. Have your models shown success in those areas to be sustainable and/or a predictor of future success, or is it more likely that we see a statistical regression in 2017?

I asked Aaron Schatz, head honcho, for this one, and here’s his note:

In the early days of FO, one of our most important precepts was that third-down performance tended to regress towards the mean from year to year. (Well, not to the mean of “NFL average” but rather the mean of “that team’s average on other downs.”) However, we discovered a few years ago that this didn’t seem to be the case on offense any longer. So Tennessee’s ranking of No. 2 in offensive DVOA on third downs last season is probably a good thing. But the fact the Titans defense was 14th on third down but 24th overall is probably not a good sign for limiting opponent drives this season. The defense is more likely closer to that No. 24 ranking than the No. 14 ranking.Red zone performance is definitely something that regresses to the mean from year to year. That’s a problem that the Titans were No. 1 in the red zone, because that’s not likely to carry over to 2017. However, run performance in the red zone tends to correlate a little bit better than pass performance. The Titans were off the charts passing in the red zone, highest DVOA in the league, but they were also No. 5 running the ball in the red zone. That’s more likely to stay strong.

2. Football Outsiders was pretty down on DeMarco Murray last season despite what most considered a major bounceback season. In fact, he earned negative DVOA scores as both a runner and a receiver. On the other hand, Derrick Henry was among the top 10 backs in the NFL in several of your metrics. Is that a function of sample size, or do you think the Titans would be better served giving the lion’s share of the carries to Henry this season?

A couple things here. First, Murray had a huge strength of schedule adjustment because the Titans faced a number of below average run defenses last year and he did very well against them. The Titans are reasonably much more concerned with how actually effective they were, and it didn’t matter if we say they would have been in second-and-8 against a good run defense if they were actually in second-and-6. Second, Murray had a pretty bad second half of the season. From the Green Bay game in Week 10 on, he had a DVOA of -16.3% and -39 DYAR vs. 81 DYAR and 2.0% DVOA Weeks 1-9 (and 125 YAR, with no defensive adjustment, was third in the league through then). My personal theory is Mularkey ran him into the ground with heavy workload Weeks 4-8, and we saw the cost of that the second half of the year. Carry splits like 25-3, 21-2, and 25-1 (Weeks 4, 6, 7) don’t make sense even if you have a bad backup unless you’re in the playoffs. Mike Mularkey will do what Mike Mularkey does, so he’ll stick with Murray as the lead back. That’s reasonable enough because he was still an effective player, but remembering he has a good backup and should regulate his workload so he’s good into January would be smart.

3. Derrick Morgan finished in the top 20 in hurries in addition to his 9 sacks in what was probably his best overall season as a Titan. Do you think he is due for a breakout season, or was 2016 likely his ceiling as a pass rusher?

2016 looked like his career year as a pass rush. For most of his career, he’s ranked better in sacks than in hurries. It’s not a surprise that he finally had a season where he converted more of those pressures, but we tend not to expect players to reach permanent new heights in their seventh season at positions where athleticism matters a lot.

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