Jonathan Allen has been a regular in the Alabama interview room since his sophomore season. Polished in front of the cameras and microphones, the senior has been known to talk with candid passion.

Before the College Football Awards Show, the Crimson Tide’s first national defensive player of the year added a little more insight on a few topics.

A couple brought interesting answers.

First, Allen was asked about the toughest test the Alabama defensive line faced this fall. Take a few guesses and you probably won’t identify the one that impressed Allen the most.

“The best offensive line? I have to give it to the Kentucky front,” Allen said. “That was probably the most physical game that I played in this year. I have to give it to them. They came with it that game and kind of caught us by surprise. That was a real physical game.”

The Wildcats ran for 72 yards on 36 carries and finished with 161 total yards. Alabama sacked the passer four times, twice resulting in lost fumbles.

What made Kentucky so stout?

“I don’t know, I guess it was just the determination and the want to,” Allen said. “They meant business when they came. I feel like we kind of overlooked them a little bit at first. But yeah, man, it was a wake-up call for us up front. We have to bring it. These guys are playing SEC ball.”

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