Plus a couple of memorable postgame scenes

Dillon from Minneapolis, MN

Call me cocky, but if Jared Cook doesn’t catch the pass at the end of the playoff game against the Cowboys, I would bet Rodgers would have thrown a Hail Mary TD with no time left which would have also won them “Play of the Year.”

Would’ve been one heckuva throw with the Packers on their own 32-yard line. That’s 7 yards farther than Detroit, which was as high and far as I’ve ever seen someone toss a football. Be that as it may, congrats to the Packers on their three ESPYs, and to the fans for their part in the voting process. Another awards show done, another day closer to the season.

Denise from Bloomer, WI

If memories make us so rich, how come I forgot where I hid my winning Lotto ticket? Seriously though, if you do a trio picture, Aaron Rodgers HAS to photobomb it.

We’re not worthy.

Mark from Houghton, MI

What are the rules for a QB’s cadence? Could Rodgers say something comical, catch the D off-guard and perhaps with uncontrollable laughter? Or, state the name of a business, or person? I can see the potential for a lot of abuse, illegal payoffs, etc., so there must be something in the rule books. Payton Manning had his “Omaha.” I was waiting for his “Papa John” play.

Rodgers got a lot of attention for “New York bozo” a few years ago, but I don’t know if he’s ever resurrected it.

Greg from Cuenca, Ecuador

Insiders, if the Packer faithful believe in yin and yang, or karma, the Packers’ success with Hail Mary passes since the “Fail Mary” fiasco has evened the scales (at least somewhat) in the grand scheme of things. Don’t you think Vic would see it in this rather “whimsical” way?

Maybe. I’ve always looked at the “Fail Mary” and its aftermath as one of the reasons the Packers went 10-2 over their next 12 games that year.

Tyler from La Crosse, WI

With everyone talking about the “Fail Mary” and how much composure Mike McCarthy had, could you ever imagine how hard it was for the 11 players that had to go onto the field for the extra point? It’s amazing the players had the composure and respect for the game to go out there and put salt in their wound.

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