John Elway added a lot of impact coaches and players this year, but who has made the biggest difference on the team in 2017? I vote Domata Peko.

I had an interesting question posed to me on Wednesday from our SB Nation overlords and it really got me thinking. And then it got me paralyzed by indecision.

Who actually has been the best new addition to the Denver Broncos so far this season?

Here is the list of candidates we came up with:

All seven of these coaches and players have contributed in extremely positives ways to the Broncos 3-1 start, but who has made the biggest overall impact?

My vote went to Domata Peko. Nose Tackle is responsible for so much of the positive impact either side of the defensive line has. If that position is playing at a high level, the defensive line has less to worry about on both sides of that nose position.

Peko came in here looking like a washed up old guy and has instead fortified the middle of that defense and turn it into a force to be reckoned with.

According to PFF, the Broncos have four defensive linemen in the Top 31 grades in run stopping efficiency.

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