INDIANAPOLIS – The internet can be a breeding ground for theories that run the gamut, whether the subject is who killed John F. Kennedy or whether there really is life in other corners of the universe.

And, now, here comes another: Indianapolis Coltsquarterback Andrew Luck, if deemed ready to play by doctors and coaches, should sit out the rest of 2017.

No, social media, message boards and reader emails aren’t a fair depiction of fan sentiment. But they’re certainly representative of at least a segment of Colts fans. And they suggest a fair number of people — including Fox Sports’ Colin Cowherd — have embraced this as something the Colts should absolutely do.

Luck on Wednesday practiced for the first time in 2017 after offseason shoulder surgery and appears to be slowly approaching a point where returning to action will be a consideration. He’s not there yet. And we don’t know when he’ll get there.

But when he does, you can rest assured Luck has every intention of playing and the Colts have every intention of playing him.

When asked Wednesday, in his first interview since late July, whether he is certain he will play in 2017, Luck unflinchingly replied, “Oh, yeah,” as if he were puzzled by why the question would even be asked.

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