The greatest streak in the history of sports? The amazing story of the Nebraska Cornhuskers
Flashback to November 3, 1962: The Nebraska Cornhuskers team took on the Missouri Tigers in a Big-8 Conference game of NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) University football. The Huskers (as they are popularly called), who were the home team in the game played at the Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, went on to lose the game 7-16 to the visitors (after being level 7-7 at halftime). That ended their unbeaten run in the Conference season, but no one at the home ground of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln would have imagined that the game would mark the beginning of a remarkable and fascinating streak which would go on for more than half a century (and is still going strong!).

That 1962 game saw an attendance of a then full capacity crowd of 38 thousand, and it started a staggering run of consecutive sellout matches at the Memorial Stadium. The streak has now gone on for 347 games over an absolutely astonishing period of 54 years and is still going strong, with the Huskers team and fans taking great pride in it and proactively ensuring that they continue to keep raising the record higher.

The greatest streak in the history of sports? The amazing story of the Nebraska CornhuskersFans supporting the Nebraska Huskers at the Memorial Stadium, Lincoln

It is quite incredible that the feat has been achieved in College Football (NCAA football), which can’t come close to rivaling the global popularity of sports like football (soccer, as it’s known in the United States of America) nor does it have the mass appeal of cricket – which is almost considered as a religion in the world’s second most populous country, India. Heck, NCAA is not even the professional league of the sport in the United States –that mantle belongs to the NFL (National Football League).

While the NFL boasts of a professional set-up with contracted players of the very highest level, NCAA football has an amazingly strong following too, with the games being considered an integral part of college life. This concept may seem a bit alien for a country like India, where college sports severely lag behind the professional leagues like Indian Premier League (cricket) and Indian Super League/I-League (football) in terms of fan following, and only a handful number of spectators are seen at college games (and also the prestigious Ranji Trophy cricket games). However, the NCAA football games are a matter of prestige for the college students and alumni alike, who flock to the college grounds to attend the matches in large numbers and cheer for their team.

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